Web seminars are an important part of any big ticket business model. Webinars/Seminars are of course interactive talks that you can give and by doing these online, you’re able to reach hundreds or even thousands of people from the comfort of your home.

Web seminars can be a part of a high ticket business model in two ways. On the one hand, these can be used as part of your sales funnel and by convincing people to watch your seminar, you can make them an active participant in your brand and much more likely to buy from you in future.

At the same time though, a seminar can also be a powerful tool for actually creating that product. People are used to paying a lot of money for online courses and may even pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if there’s a qualification at the end. A seminar is a great way to deliver this that’s interactive.

But rather than using Google Hangouts or specific webinar software, how about using live streaming apps like Periscope? Read on to learn more…

What is Periscope?

PeriscopePeriscope is a live streaming app that was introduced in March 2015 and which was highly popular as soon as it did receiving a lot of media hype. At the time it was competing with another streaming app – Meerkat – though at the moment it seems to be in the lead.

The idea of these apps is that anyone can film themselves on their phone and broadcast the feed live around the globe. People can tune in to watch anywhere and can also like and comment on the videos live.

And this is where the seminar comes in. This provides a very convenient and personal way for you to deliver talks and to interact with your viewers.

Another similar tool you can use for this is something called Blab. Blab is a video conferencing app mixed with live streaming and it allows you to put people ‘in the hot seat’ and to interview them live during your seminar. You can have up to four people chatting at once which can make your audience feel very involved indeed.

But what’s best about these platforms is just how new and exciting they are right now. If you use live streaming software then you demonstrate yourself to be right on the cutting edge and you are inviting your audience to join you there!

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