It might seem silly, but a 100% commission affiliate program can be more profitable and potent than an affiliate program which offered 75% or less – even if you’re selling master resell rights to the product!.. And here’s why…

1. The affiliate doesn’t have to set anything up. Even if the affiliate knew that he or she could grab 100% of the commission buy selling it through PayPal on his or her account, they would still have to buy a new domain name and upload the new product to his or her site. Some, in fact most marketers would rather send out a custom link and make sure that they don’t have to put stress on their servers.

2. Reduced customer support. Affiliates benefit from little or no customer support and any questions, problems and refunds have to be handled by the product owner. For the product owner it may seem like a heavy burden but if you offer great value and ensure that any customer receives a back-up email of their purchase you can assure yourself a clean inbox!

3. It’s an active list builder. We’ve already established why a customer would rather be an affiliate rather than a reseller so when they send customers to your site, you have an opportunity to build a database of buyers. And building a list of buyers is a much more efficient way of working as oppose to building a list of freebie seekers!

4. Instant pay-out! Why wait when you can have it now? Where possible I pay my affiliates instantly so that they don’t have to wait weeks or even months for their commissions.

These are just some of the reasons why I provide a 100% affiliate program to several of my products. I use my own in-house affiliate program but you can quite easily set up an account with PayDotCom and set the payout to 100%!

The other thing to note is that all of this WILL NOT work unless you’ve got a decent product to sell. It doesn’t matter what the payout is, if your affiliates are not convinced that the product will sell, they simply will not promote! It’s that simple!



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