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TikTok is a video sharing social networking service that has been available in the United States since 2016. It uses short-form videos anywhere from fifteen seconds to one minute long in a wide variety of categories including, but not limited to, dance, comedy, and education. The videos tend to be a hybrid between entertainment and infotainment depending on what you’re looking for.

TikTok is available world-wide and currently there are 40 languages you can tap into for the service. While TikTok marketing is not the only platform designed to share short videos, there is something about the app that is setting itself apart from others. Here are some fun facts about TikTok and the people who use it-

TikTok Marketing is an all-in-one tool for marketers to advertise on TikTok.

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Instead of devising their own strategy, the platform helps marketers through the entire process of creating advertisements, setting budgets, reaching target audiences, and analyzing campaign data.

Fun Facts About TikTok:

  • * Fun Fact: 50% of users are under the age of 34
  • * Fun Fact: Content ranges on the scale from raw, real, funny, to shocking
  • * Fun Fact: The average TikTok user is on 52 minutes per day
  • * Fun Fact: 60% of users are female
  • * Fun Fact: 26% of users are 18-24
  • * Fun Fact: Millennials and Boomers are adding the TikTok app at an alarming rate

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is More Than Dancing and Comedy Bits

Tiktok is much more than fifteen seconds of dance moves. In many ways, TikTok is taking the lead in producing influencers. TikTok “influencers” seem to go viral with alarming speed and often times see a surge in their followers over night from a single video.

The app is ever evolving, and new categories are beginning and growing all the time including alternative lifestyle categories, DIY and upcycling, business, and behind-the-scenes looks at industries typically off-limits to insider information.

Who is Using TikTok?

The stats suggest most of the users are between 18-35 but those numbers are changing every day as every age group enjoys the benefits of TikTok. Though it is certainly entertaining, it is also a smart business tool. In the past year TikTok has generated millions of dollars in revenue for its users in a wide variety of ways. From being an influencer to linking to goods and services, the potential to earn via TikTok is pretty amazing since there is not cost associated with the platform.

All the cool kids are on TikTok | TikTok Marketing

In the end, there’s no drawback to TikTok. The learning curve for making videos is fairly easy and the potential to generate revenue is easier and cheaper than other platforms that use ads like Facebook or Instagram. Having an account is as easy as downloading the app and since it’s been around a while, there are plenty of tutorials on how to maximize your account.

TikTok is a relatively new social networking platform that may be a smart business move to get noticed and make money.

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