welcome back we can publish the campaign to our website and we can do that by going to the top bar and clicking on the publish tab that's going to bring us to this area and one of the things we can do is we can click embed campaign that will give us our campaign with an embed code and we can set up our widget settings for wherever it is that we're going to have the widget and you can see here that we can make it so that the share widget is going to be shown on the same page as the opt-in widget or we can have it so it's going to be redirected we can set our referral traffic now this is important because you're going to tell up viral where your opt-in widget is going to be embedded and you'll then be given the code widget in order to place inside of your website so again inside of your website you can use a standard opt-in we can use a pop-up we can use a pop-over or we can use an html form now we are going to be embedding this on our website so in most cases you may want to use a standard opt-in widget and then to have the widget to be centered we're going to use the share widget and in most cases we're going to make it so the share widget is going to be shown on the very same page as the opt-in widget that is going to be the simplest and as you can see most of viral users take that option in terms of the referral traffic we're going to then specify where we want the opt-in widget to be embedded once we write in the campaign will be auto-saved we'll then go to the installation area what we're going to do here is we're going to copy the code and we're going to head to our website and paste that code and we're then going to come back and click test embedding so we're going to now paste our code we're now going to click apply and we're now going to click publish we're now going to come back to our page and we're going to click test embedding and when you test your campaign it should then be visible on your page okay so with that thanks and i will see you in another video

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