Selling High-Ticket Products

Take a look at a large number of different high ticket products for sale online and what you’ll find is that there’s a very strong and prominent social aspect.

This can manifest in many ways. Some high ticket products are literally based entirely around the social aspect and will focus on selling an exclusive membership to a forum or other online community that discusses exciting and exclusive things. In other cases, the social aspect might be ‘tacked on’ and might be an added bonus. Users will ‘also’ gain access to the exclusive and VIP community.

In other scenarios, the social element is simply used as part of the sales technique and a lot of mention is made to the other buyers in the sales pitch. Read on and we’ll learn why this is so valuable and important.

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One thing to recognize is that people love feeling like they belong to something and like they’re a part of a movement. This is exciting and is a way for them to find extra meaning in their lives even.

This is why it’s so important to describe your product not only as a product and to make sure your brand stands for something. You can even name your followers something – like ‘Fitness Army’. This makes people feel as though they are pledging allegiance and that can be a powerful tool. Better yet? Get them to pledge before they buy the product.

Social Influence

Another important factor here is the social influence. We are very easily swayed by what we see other people doing and we take it as one of the strongest signs of what we should be doing too.

So if you want to encourage people to sign up then simply talk about how many other people have already done so. Your audience won’t want to be ‘left out’ so this can have a powerful impact.

Social Proof

Then there’s the matter of ‘social proof’. If you can convince someone that your product has been enjoyed by many other people, then they will be more likely to trust it and to give it a go themselves. Why do you think that businesses care so much about Trip Advisor?


Finally, people love to feel important, they love to feel special and they like anything that feels exclusive. If you describe your followers as elite and VIP, then people will want to join in simply so that they can be described in that way themselves!


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