Hello, and welcome to this Prezentar review video in this video, I am going to give you an in-depth review and demo of this incredible brand new software called Prezentar. I’ll tell you all about the software its features, how you can use it as well as give you a demo. Within the software before you go ahead and make the purchase.

Now present allows you to create amazing looking presentations on demand. It’s one of, one of the main reasons why you use presentations, is because of the stunning templates that it has. And the speed of use. Now, if you’ve used any other type of presentation creation software in the past, you’ll know it’s all about the templates, but those templates are really ugly looking.

And as if they’ve been created about 50 years ago, present are, has a brand new modern. Looking templates within the product itself. Okay. It seems like it’s been built for people like you and me marketers, regardless of the niche that you’re in. Here’s another one, just a quick example of screenshots time quickly took.

Prezentar review video

To show you how incredible these templates really are. Now you can drag and drop every single element that you see on the screen. From the headline, the text, the icons of the images, the people, the backgrounds, everything is customizable. You can drag it and move things around. You can add to it. You can delete things.

You can add videos in there, all kinds of things you can do with, with those slides. Now. Uh, design inside of present are for you. Okay for you and everybody. There are so many different niche designs in there. I was actually shocked when actually logged in. Look at the template library. I’ve just taken a few quick screenshots here for you from travel to YouTube* What the star implies: Links marked with a * mean that we will receive a commission if a booking or a specific action is made via the linked provider. There will be no additional costs for you. Also, we won't receive any money just by setting links. because of metrics to children, to training, to teaching, to eating healthy, to fitness, to music, to online poker, they’re smoking.

There’s a niche in there and a design. Templates, all kinds of things in there for everybody. So it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. Cause I’ve asked what you’re probably wondering. Is there a template design there for me? Yes, there is. Now you can use present. In so many ways you create presentations to create courses, create a tutorial for, for webinars, like a webinars, a huge right now, as well as online meetings, right?

Like zoom reviews, pitches for YouTube (Prezentar Is There)

Yeah. For YouTube to demos or lessons online meetings. Like I just said, essentially using Prezentar review video at its base to sell as well as to teach. Okay. All about content. It’s all about content now, presentations are absolutely essential. If you’re doing anything online, you’re working online.

You’re a marketer, you’re entrepreneurs, small business owners as an individual you need and always will need to create presentations. Okay. Whether it’s online or offline use. Now, these are even more particularly true and specific when it comes to things. In your sales funnels, you’re going to need to have the ability to create presentations for your sales funnels, to build an email list, to create courses, just like those that are on Udemy.

If you go to UDA me right now, you see most of the courses are presentations, which people then just voice over and record and convert to video, which actually present are allows you to do, to write, to sell and pitch products or whatever product or service that you have. You’re going to. And may need to have a presentation to sell your products.

Okay. On the flip side too, to teach your students and your clients in presentation form for live automated webinars for online lessons, our lessons and meetings to, okay. Now, if you go to UT me, just look, just go through all the different categories. You’ll see different types of slides and content.

Teachers there or instructors as they particularly call them, they are all based off a presentation. So they’ll create their slides first for the content that they wish to teach the students with the information and then they’ll record videos over it. And that’s, that becomes a course. Right. And you can do all of that now in a Prezentar.

So you definitely need to have the ability to create presentations online webinars. How many times have you been invited to a webinar? Million and one times, okay. You’ve got a screenshot there on the left. You must have seen these a billion times, right? Webinar come to my webinar, come to my masterclass.

It’s free. Okay. It’s these are essentially presentations. The person presenting the webinar. Would’ve created and presentation and slides first, and then present those to attendees. When they turn up to a webinar, whether it’s live or automated, it doesn’t matter. The base is a presentation. Okay. Now, if you go over to YouTube, a lot of the content there again are slide based template based, meaning they are presentations of just taking a quick little snapshot there. (

Neil Patel’s channel there. He’s delivering content on slides. It’s a presentation and he’s recorded his voice over it, which presents our all to allows you to do right. This is going to be a lot of fun. If you just keep on watching here. Now, the problem, the problem is for most people that presentations aren’t.

They are hired to create the time consuming and it can take weeks or months got to do research. You’ve got to do planning and you’ve got to do the writing and the editing, the designing and the formatting, which is one of the biggest pains. Most presentations are. They look super ugly. Okay. It can be complicated, it can be expensive.

And in most cases you end up using outdated software. And if you wish to out source this too, like a freelancer online, One, they can take forever and I’ve got so much experience of this. They can take forever because they’re dealing with multiple different clients. It’s not just you. Right? So they’ve taken on so many jobs that you’re just, you just know the name in the queue.

Prezentar™ World’s #1 Presentation Creation Studio

Okay. Let’s face it. And plus they’re expensive. They’re not cheap. Go and submit, um, go and submit a job online and see what the. Come back at you’re looking at Amis anywhere between 300 to a thousand bucks, a creative presentation. Now, if you want it to go down the stock template route, as you can do, you’re looking at spending 50 bucks, a hundred bucks up to 200 bucks for a specific theme or template, which you then have to edit yourself.

Anyway. Now, a couple of the main options right now. I’m going to tell you the options right now in the marketplace for you to use PowerPoint. Okay. So the obvious one, you could use PowerPoint. And if you’ve noticed something with PowerPoint and a lot of big players out there in the software technology space, they’re all charging recurring.

Now, look, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be tied in to a, another recurring membership. I wholly pay a lot of money for my, for my car, my mobile insurance. Uh, my laptop insurance, my washing machine insurance, all these different recurring membership and rebilling systems out there coming out.

It’s just going a bit too, CR Adobe’s, another one, a K N F. And the reason why these companies want to have a recurring business model because they can rely on it. Um, and that, and they’ll make a lot more money. You’ll notice that a lot of these companies have all pretty much switched to a recurring business model because it just allows them to make a ton more cash.

Okay. Knowing that you are going to pay them for the next 1, 2, 5, 10 years. Okay. Now you get all of these different software’s that I don’t want. I don’t know about you. I don’t want all of these different types of software. One drive. I don’t want it. And you probably don’t even know what that is. What is that one notes?

Right? You might not even use Excel, but they shove all of these different apps down your throat and want you to pay up to a hundred dollars a year recurring. Okay. Recurring. Okay. So another thing, so I know with Microsoft PowerPoint, which is one of the biggest players out there in the space, because they just are, they’ve been around forever.

They they’ve got ugly design. From 1998 in there. I just logged in before I just took that screenshot. Okay. Today these are the look of the designs on the screen. How ugly are they? Okay. It’s like my grandma has opened up a typewriter and you know, if she was around, uh, you know, it’s as if she’s, we’ve gone back to the 1950s and my grandma’s on right now, she would use one of these.

Wallpaper flowery ones. Okay. They are ugly. I would not recommend anybody online today in the modern day and age use one of those designs. Cause it just looks out. Okay, more outdated then the spice girls actually, um, another, another piece of software that you would need today is something like Camtasia studio to record yourself, make creating a video and do the audio editing over your slides because you’re going to need two different things.

You know, you’re going to need to have something like PowerPoint to create your presentation, but then if you want to convert it into video, you’re going to need to have. Another piece of software, such as Camtasia studio to record yourself talking into the software, um, over the slide, and then, then you can output it.

Prezentar™ World’s #1 Presentation Creation Studio


Now this again, it’s not. Okay. Not cheap $250. Right. But again, this is where they will come in and like to take that recurring money from you every single year, every single month or a year, they’ve got maintenance fee now, which is basically just fluff. Right. Privacy support is nothing’s priority. Okay.

You’re just put in the queue again and it’s just marketing speech, right? So just for those two pieces of software, it’s just to get started at the basic level. You’re looking at an eating at least like 319 bucks again for basic features, some basic templates. Okay. So the vision for Prezentar was this was the ability to create and have, and build an all in one presentation creation software.

They incorporate audio. Okay. Audio features being able to record audio into the same software plus video, right. To be able to create, I’ll say that. The vision was to create a powerful software. That’s easy to use where you can create presentations. You can record over those slides or within the same software, and as well as edit with lots of different features like music, editing, stock images, icons, and a video solution.

So it’s all in one, the outputs video as well, that allows anyone to make presentations fast. And we’re talking within minutes, not days, weeks or months. We wanted it to be easy to use. Okay. Non-technical for dummies. The vision was to have beautiful professional models, modern slides and templates. When the library for you to pick, use, edit, customize any way that you wish to ditch expensive software point and click technology.

But if that wasn’t all enough and additional income opportunity that allow you to make at least a thousand bucks a month. By offering services to other people for creating presentations for them. Now, the solution that was born that came out of that was Prezentar. Okay. Is a very, very easy to use.

Literally just takes three steps. Step one, pick a template, right? Pick something that you like in there that relates to the niche or what you want to design. Right. Step number two. Edit the slides. You can add content to your heart’s desire as much as you want as little as you want. It’s totally up to you.

Step number three, save export that said super easy, super quick. Now there’s multiple export options within present. So that you don’t need to have 2, 3, 4 different softwares on your computer. It does it all. Okay. You kept out, but once you’ve created your presentation, you can output video. It creates video, it creates PDF and HTML.

Now the creative behind Prezentar is a highly sought after technology entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the digital industry. And he’s. Really massive, huge products that are widely used in the market place, such as scribble and pixel studio FX. Let me jump into the software now and give you a live Prezentar demo.

I’m logged into my Prezentar account and I’ve actually got all of the upgrades. So I’ve got so many different types of templates with my, within my account. Now on the left, we’ve got all these different types of categories from arts and entertaining. Bedding and trading systems, business, investing, finance, digital e-marketing computers, education, jobs, fiction games, home food, and the health of languages, parents and families, sports traveling so much more.


Adeel Chowdry - Prezentar™ World’s #1 Presentation Creation Studio


If I scroll down, you can see all the beautiful looking templates. Okay. This just does not end. There’s so many, definitely do want to grab. All of the upgrades. You just get endless supply of beautifully crafted templates. Now I am conscious of time, so I’m just going to go ahead and click on. I’ll just use this one.

We’ll load is super fast. Everything is drag and drop, and these are beautifully designed. So look, you can drag and drop all of the different types of images you can edit and customize all this text. So you can put in your name there, obviously

drag and drop it. Or full customization. You’ve never seen any of anything like this before. I was amazed. When I saw this, you can change all the different types of texts, images. Crop images, backgrounds, borders, shapes, where the, so you could add links, you’ve got a color slicer. They’d give you a different type of structure on the left-hand side of all the different types of templates you can use.

So you can customize the color. If you wanted to use that one as a color, you’ve got background image slides, you can embed a video. That’s where you can embed a video from either YouTube or Vimeo, Wistia, and lots of other different places into the slides. And look at this is what I’m really excited about.

Customizable themed design. So you can change any of this.

Okay. Customize them, how you want. Obviously you can drag and drop them and change the fonts and the size. And I’m short on time here, but you’ve got bold Italax colors, editing all the different types of normal editing options that you would expect to find. Are there again, everything is drag and drop.

It’s just so easy. It’s so intuitive. Beautiful designs. You can add images to this. You can upload your own background. You’ve got this so many backgrounds in here. Okay. Okay show you some of these other ones here. You can customize the transitions as well. K change the fonts, the styling, the colors, the themes just really well done.

Okay. You could add your links at the end as well. Now, once you’re happy with your slides and you’ve changed everything. Let me just put in.

Okay, let me just, I just want it to show you that. Look, you can change the text images as well. If I go to backgrounds for click on this little plus here, well, that allows you to do is to add text. You can add images, I’ll show you stock images. Okay. Background images. There’s just so many rightly. One click and import any new type of background inside of the software that you wish look, all these categories.

Okay. This one’s a really nice background. So the neck is, you can add your text again. Okay. Headline, you can change the color and the font colors of. I can make it black and make it blue. You can change your headings. You can add more texts as you want again, customize it as you would expect. And then you can also add media, which is great.

You can add background music, you can record audio over the slides. Now this is what really excites me. You can upload audio, you can add video, you can record your audio directly. Through the browser. So let’s say I was done with my presentation and I wanted to start from the very beginning and record my, my voice over the slides.

In fact, you can do it this way. I’m gonna record my audio over all the slides as if I’m ready for my presentation. And I can just go ahead and click on record, uh, then start. Hello and welcome to this presentation in this program, I’m going to teach you how to make money on. Start a business and get customers in fact, get an endless supply of customers until you can’t take no more.

Right. Let me click on stop there. Right there you go. See that. Incredible inbuilt audio editor, and we’re not done. There’s just so many more features. I actually don’t have time to go every, every through every single one. And then you just go ahead and once you’re happy with that, let’s click on add, and then once you’re happy, you can output this.

You can save it. You can click on download and you have multiple different options here. You can convert it to video and it’ll turn your whole entire presentation into video. You can also output as a PDF. As well as HTML. Okay. You can share it in line with as many people as you wish through the social widget.


Prezentar bonus #1

Prezentar Bonus #2

Prezentar Bonus #3



Plus, if you want to offer services to make a little bit of side money by creating presentations for clients, you can also do that through the system and your clients can leave feedback through present or two, and they won’t even know you’re using Prezentar. Right. So let’s get back to the slides. Okay.

How amazing was presented. I knew you’d love it. Okay. I love it. Just as much as you will to now, not only can you keep presentations for yourself in your own business or for other clients, you can make a thousand bucks a month doing that. Selling presentation creation services to clients. There are thousands of people out there on the internet right now, looking to pay someone like.

To design and create their presentations for them because they just don’t have time. And you can just go online right now, go to one of the freelance sites and have it look right. You can easily make 75 bucks, 350 bucks and even a thousand dollars per presentation. Okay. And I’m being very monastery. You can work part-time in your spare hours.

This could happen. This could be a little side hustle hustle that you have. And ultimately you can use present R as your secret weapon. Now there’s a few bonuses that come involved that come with Prezentar, which is the free commercial license and the agency website, which has an inbuilt ready-made portfolio.

Worth $997. And that, that really is worth that. Okay. Those two things are worth their weight in gold because the, the ready-made website that you also get as a bonus has a inbuilt portfolio. So you can show potential clients that look, here’s my work. Here’s the type of things that I can. And you’re more likely to get a client that way.

When you have that professional professional website and professional look, you know, it’s going to save you a ton of time, rather than you trying to build on yourself as starting from scratch. Seriously, it’s easily your ground there. And the free commercial license allows you to go out and use a present are legal.

To service clients and keep all the money that you make doing it because you don’t have to pay any royalties to anyone with that license. Now, you know, just jumped online, took a few screenshots of this on some of the freelance websites. I just found 3009 jobs when I took this screenshot. Okay. 3009 people, jobs, gigs, whatever you want to call it.

By individuals or companies or small business owners who want people like you to create presentations, slides for them because they just don’t have time. Right here. Look at the various prices. The. A hundred bucks there, you’ve got 250 that person says I want to a PowerPoint presentation they had done.

Obviously you can just, you’re going to use Prezentar. Um, there’s $350. They’re designing 40 odd slides for a presentation that person’s willing to pay $350 there. And look at the one on the bottom. Right. $1,000. They want a presentation done using some of their images in the right kinds of things. But then, then once they give that to you in like a word file, you turn it into presentation and plus you could charge them extra for turning into video too.

Right now, presents are also have some additional upgrades, which are totally optional. It’s up to you, but I’m going to walk. I’m going to run you through those as well, so that you can make a better informed decision, but I do highly recommend them. There’s no recurring fees with Prezentar. And once you’ve got, once you’ve souped up the software and made it really powerful, it’s just a one-time cost.

And you’ve got it for life. Unlike all those other softwares that charge you recurring monthly fee. So one of the first upgrades is present our professional, which gives you more templates, more features, more power, definitely recommended. We have presented our ex. Which will give you exclusive niche designs every single month.

So these are new templates added to your library every single month. And there’s no recurring costs for this one. So I love that one because it’s going to allow you to have a massive library over the next year. Without any recurring charges they’re automatically added to your account as they designed them every single month, then we have present our halo, which is actually four pieces of software in one in a bolt on to the presents, our software.

It includes amazing slide transitions to really snazzy and jazz up your whole presentation. I love really good transitions. Rotating carousels is a great way for you to display your presentations and your slides in a unique way. Okay. I haven’t seen that one ever before. When I did start looking at it, I was like, wow, I’ve never seen this before.

Definitely recommend that one. It’s really, really quirky. Flip books, interactive flip books. You can turn your presentation into interactive flip books and share those online. It allows you to. Audience to engage with them in a unique way. And then we also have a mock-ups skin. So what that is, basically you can present your presentation inside various types of mock-up skins, such as inside a computer monitor or an iPad graphic or a mobile phone, or a tablet or a Mac.

Right. So there’s really good skins in there. Definitely recommended auto job finder. Now this is a great one. Okay. There’s going to help you. A lot of money on the side, because it’s going to automatically find your gigs online. Pay you to create slides for clients, presentations for clients. Okay. So what this does is actually integratable lots of different sites and power forms online, and it consolidates and finds all these gigs and displays them all to you in one central mainframe dashboard rights, rather than you scrambling online and wasting your time looking for gigs.

Brings everything to you in just a few clicks, really, really powerful, highly recommend that you grab as many, if not all of these upgrades for just a one-time low. Right. What you need to do right now is to go ahead and grab a Prezentar at the special discounted price. There’s a launch going on right now.

It’s the lowest it’s ever going to be. So don’t hang around, go ahead. Click on the link. The link should be either underneath the video or on the page, click on the link right now through. And grab a Prezentar at the special discounted price. You’re going to love it. I love it. Just wait until you go in the members area.

So you can start creating and presenting and making profit using Prezentar
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