Facebook Marketing Tips Crash Course

It’s time for your second lesson in the Facebook Marketing Tips Crash Course. I hope you found lesson one informative. In this lesson, we are going to go over some more tips that you can use to making the most out of your social marketing campaign on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Tips Crash CourseIt’s important to remember that most people use Facebook for fun, entertainment or personal reasons like keeping in touch with family and friends. However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of everything it has to offer your business.

When it comes to running a successful facebook marketing campaign, you have to take the time to get to know how your target audience uses it. Do they follow certain brands; do they share pictures of funny animals, do they like political pages? Once you know, what they like to do on Facebook you will be better able to post content that will grab their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Since the ultimate goal is for people to find your business, it’s very important to make your profile professional. Often the “About” page is where they look first and you want to make a good first impression so fill it out and provide them with enough information about your business so that they know what you do and how they can contact you.

If you are going to post any links on your page, make sure that they are relevant and they are accompanied by description. This can be a good way to engage your readers, encourage them to leave comments and possibly start a discussion, which leads to people having something new to share with their friends.

Don’t think of Facebook like the classified ad section newspaper. It’s not about pushing you products on people. It’s about communicating an building strong relationships. If you just use it to sell instead of communicate, then you’ll only end up alienating a lot of your followers. Remember it’s a social network so talk with them, not at them.

Facebook Marketing Tips Crash CourseShare other content from other platforms on your Facebook page. Does your business have a website, blog or YouTube channel? Any time you upload new content related to your business, make sure you share it on Facebook as well. People are much more likely to keep up with their Facebook status during the day than they are other sites so use that to your advantage.

Don’t focus on getting the most fans possible. Yes, everyone loves a big number, but if you’ve got 10,000 fans who never respond to you, then what’s the benefit? Your goal should be to engage and communicate with your followers so that you can build a long and lasting relationship with them.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson, we will be talking about making friends and influencing customers with your Facebook marketing campaign.

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