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If you are on a shoestring budget, organically building your list from free traffic methods are the way to go. (List Building with Solo Ads and Outsourcing Content)

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However, if you have some spare cash or have set a marketing budget for yourself, consider speeding up your list building process by leveraging on systems, which will help you grow it faster.

That is the only way you can truly bring your business to the next level. Here’s a few great ideas for speeding up your list building process.

– Consider buying leads from reputable sources. Places like GetResponse sell qualified leads which are automatically opted into your autoresponder and if you have a good email series to funnel them through, you can definitely turn them into your long term customers.

– Pay for solo mailings. Consider paying other marketers a fee to mail your landing page to their list. It can save you hundreds of hours trying to get subscribers the normal way.

– Outsource traffic generation. Higher ghostwriters to blog for you and draw traffic to your landing page. This option can be cheaper than you think.

– Adopt the 80/20 principle. Also known as the Pareto’s Principle, it states that 80% of our results spur from 20% of our efforts and 20% of our results from 80% of the effort. Thus, identify which 20% of the effort is helping you grow your list fast and put in more steam into that. Eliminate the useless stuff!

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Remember, if you think big, so will the size of your list be. If you think small, the same goes for your list size.


9 Secrets to Build a List of Buyers NOT Freebie Seekers!

Buy solo ads - Udimi

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