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all right thanks so much for coming out raise your hand if your lips are super chapped by now those are all the people who don’t live in Arizona so we live in California you come here and just it is too dry it’s too dry it’s crazy raise your hand you having a good time at ICON almost done great all right look I’ve been going back and forth with the InfusionSoft people and I believe that InfusionSoft that icon could be better than it is today if we went back to the way that it used to be who used to come to icon when it was InfusionSoft con raise your hands high if you think that it was better than that it is now okay now let me ask you this for the rest of you if we made it more of a conference so I need you to shout really loud if you agree with me shout really loud to all the InfusionSoft stop people in the back know what we’re talking about if you would rather come here and get rid of all the fluff and just have InfusionSoft training and like sit down a workshop and like you get out your computer to actually do stuff yeah scream loud if you agree all right so I think we’re in agreement then that sounds good I love the software I love getting in there and doing the stuff and make it been and when you leave a conference like this walking away with stuff you actually did and you have campaigns launched I think that’s a great thing so that’s what I’m lobbying for if you talk to any InfusionSoft people and you agree let’s let them know that’s not why we’re here we’re here to learn how you can master InfusionSoft in just 10 minutes a day so let’s get into that so a little background on me my name is Tyler Gardens I am the founder and CEO at box out marketing but in a previous life I was the director and VP of Marketing at InfusionSoft so I was there for about five years I ran the marketing team there but probably more importantly I managed InfusionSoft owned InfusionSoft account for about four years I was the guy even when I was VP of Marketing I was the guy you know pushing all the buttons pulling the levers and making things happen you know is baptism by fire you get in that situation like we better not screw it up because we’re the company that’s selling this stuff right so but trust me we screwed up occasionally but during that time I helped InfusionSoft grow from 4 million to about 30 million in annual sales and then at that point it was time for me to move on I left InfusionSoft I funny I woke up one morning and I looked at my wife and I told her I said I think I’m done she said you’re done with what and said think I’m done at InfusionSoft and she said ok and that was my cue that okay it’s time because I’ve always been entrepreneurial I always wanted to do my own thing and she was like yeah maybe we better not do that you know we have three kids at the time and now four and that may not be the smartest idea and she was right and looking back she was right I really had no idea what I was doing but after working at InfusionSoft for almost five years I felt like it was time and she agreed so I went out and I did private consulting for a little while and I’ll come back to this but private consulting was a great life it was amazing it’s way easier than doing what I’m doing now trying to build a company and have a team and and and deliver to you guys what we’re what we’re trying to deliver but I made the shift away from private consulting because I feel like I owe it to you all to help you master InfusionSoft that’s really what it comes down to I know we can I know we can give you the tools and the resources and the structure and the training to help you absolutely crush it now I know that because I’ve worked hand in hand with a lot of business owners doing private consulting and in our business now in the way that we service clients we teach them this stuff and after years of struggling with InfusionSoft they go ah I get it now and I can do this on my own and so we’ve distilled all that into some amazing stuff that I’m going to show you today so anyways after doing some private consulting we started up box out marketing I’m the founder and CEO we’re the leaders in helping people getting results with InfusionSoft and as you heard yes or yeah not if today on Tuesday clay introduced me as the InfusionSoft ninja so I forgot to just throw that up there the original InfusionSoft ninja and I think that just comes back to the fact that I was there in the earlier days and I was the guy behind the scenes just kind of making making all that happen inside the account bottom line though and what’s important for you to understand is that I wasn’t always a ninja there’s actually many reasons why I shouldn’t be the guy standing on this stage talking to you about InfusionSoft see my ninja skills were developed just like you’re gonna develop them and we’re gonna help you and hold your hand along the way so that you can become ninjas too but my education is in human biology okay has nothing to do with any of this internet marketing software stuff I’ve never taken any kind of business course or marketing class in school I’ve never done any of that okay it’s all been baptism by fire just like you guys are in your business trained to figure it out as you go and as I’ve done that we developed some systems and some structure that I’m going to show you that have just really really turned things around because I struggled for a long time just like you here’s the bottom line I was scared to death of InfusionSoft when I first started I was hired as the internet marketing manager my job was to get in there and figure out the internet marketing by the way I had not done any internet marketing before that so I did a really good pitch job in the interview process and luckily that worked out but I get there and I’m supposed to be like getting into InfusionSoft making campaigns happen what had happened right like the first week that I was at InfusionSoft and someone had sent out an email and it was supposed to go to a small group of customers about a refund issue well it went to the whole list and that person took some serious heat and they had been an employee for a while and I’m like wow if they can make that kind of mistake

I don’t want to do that I’m brand new I need to make sure I don’t screw it up I literally didn’t log into InfusionSoft for like a month I was totally scared I was like man I just keep hearing how complicated is it confusing it is it’s really just really easy to screw up I saw this guys grew up and he took some bad heat I’m not gonna do that so it took a little while for me to even just log in and start to get comfort with it and since then I’ve screwed things up plenty times you know I’ve made the mistakes I’ve made all the mistakes you guys have made that you are making and more I’ve been doing this for 10 years and do it for a long time and I’ve seen it all I’ve done it all I’ve sent the wrong email I’ve gotten the the replies back saying you’re such an idiot you’re supposed to be the marketing expert and why would you ever send this I’ve heard it all so I feel your pain I know where yeah and I believe we can help you so now I’m one of the most the world’s foremost experts on InfusionSoft and again that comes from years and years and years of doing it but the first eight years or so of that I was just like you just struggling through it making this making mistakes occasionally having a really disorganized InfusionSoft account and we set up some structure while I was working at InfusionSoft and it was pretty organized but it was still not quite what it needed to be you know just in the last year and a half two years we’ve started to create what we called the way which is the right way to implement InfusionSoft I’m going to show you some of that today so let’s just make sure you’re in the right room you’re in the right place if you bought into the dream of InfusionSoft but you haven’t quite reached it raise your hand if that feels like you you

like yeah I get it I see other people doing it but I just for whatever reason I just can’t quite get there I can’t quite reach it or if you’ve ever referred to InfusionSoft as confusion soft you ever said that word yeah quite a few of you right all right if you’re nervous to launch stuff and InfusionSoft because you’re not a hundred percent sure that it’s going to work the way you expected so these are some of the feelings that we all have had with InfusionSoft right or you want to grow your business but doubling your sales sounds like doubling your chaos that sound familiar raise your hand if that’s something you like yeah I want to grow but if I grow what I’ve got inside of infusing stuff I’m gonna grow a beast right so we don’t want to do that or you stress out when you think about InfusionSoft you really want to crush it with InfusionSoft and you just need some guidance raise your hand if that feels like you you’re like yeah I do I see it I want to crush it just need someone to show me the path show me the way so this is my daughter Aaliyah okay she’s three years old and she lives life to the fullest she’s full out so we have three boys that are older than her and then she came along she has more energy than all of them put together she’s absolutely amazing but this is pretty much how she is all day long she’s absolutely excited about life and it’s awesome because she’s in this rapid growth phase of life right she’s learning to talk to do all these things she’s got a little bit of a speech impediment so her name’s Aaliyah she can’t say Elle’s very well so I ask her all the time trying to help her learn how to say or else

I say Aaliyah it’s your name yeah because that’s how she says it it’s your name a yeeah or Lea and then she tries to say it back yeah and so that’s it I’ll say watch my tongue so I’m trying to enunciate the L my tongue is what’s doing it to watch my tongue say Aliya and then she’ll do it but now she’s so excited about learning she comes up to me all the time teddy look at my tongue look at my tongue and then she’ll say something she says that all the time but I want to ask you is this how you feel when you get into InfusionSoft is this how you feel about the learning process most people are kind of laughing or shaking their head that’s my goal I want to get you to feel like that about InfusionSoft that you are fired up you’re loving the learning process we’re giving you the guidance and the hand-holding that you need to get there and it’s fun it’s super super fun so here’s what we’re gonna cover first I’m going to show you the most powerful method for campaign strategy planning okay we can’t get into InfusionSoft and build campaigns if we don’t know what our strategy is so that’s where we cover first then we’re gonna go over how to easily build simple yet powerful campaigns and InfusionSoft and know exactly how they all work together I’m gonna give you the simplest way to get InfusionSoft super organized and know the key data you need to know as a business owner you gotta know what’s going on in your business if you don’t you’re flying blind okay I think it was Scott we’re saying love the I love the numbers and numbers love me or something like that right

that’s true but we need InfusionSoft to tell us the numbers who gets frustrated you’re in impedance I’d like I know the data is in there somewhere I just can’t see it right it’s a hole there so I’m gonna show you how to get to it all right and I’m gonna show you how to take what you learned today one step further to master InfusionSoft your business and your life okay that’s we’re gonna get to at the end all right so in the limited time that we have today I’m gonna teach you as much as I possibly can okay so I’m gonna ask you to hold your questions to the end I really do want to answer every single one of your questions on a personal one-on-one basis and I’ll do that at the back of the room afterwards so I’m gonna have you keep your hands down no questions while we go through the content and then if you have questions you can meet me at the end of the of the presentation okay yes so that was a question

I’ll take one and that was it you’ve used up all your questions you said can we get the content I’m happy to give you guys the slides at some point just talk to a team give us your business card or whatever all right so instead of looking like alia this is how most of us feel right getting an InfusionSoft and you just want to kill the thing right have you ever felt like InfusionSoft is actually a person and it has real hate for you I hear it all the time I heard all the time right we talked to customers and they’re like I don’t know what the deal is but InfusionSoft hates me like it doesn’t hate you it doesn’t have a soul okay it it the problem is actually you sorry but that’s how we feel sometimes right we feel like this thing hates me why are all the gremlins inside of my account everybody else seems to be doing fine but every time I do something it breaks it goes wrong whatever okay that’s how we feel in InfusionSoft sometimes and it’s not right

we need to feel like Aaliyah we need to feel excited and energized and you go build a whole lot better more functional exciting campaigns for your business if you felt really excited to go do it and confident in your ability to do it right so problem number one is that strategy is lacking okay I’m gonna walk you through a very powerful strategy exercise that I developed while I was working at InfusionSoft it’s interesting now in the last couple years I’ve seen a whole bunch of people starting to use the same strategy in various different forms in other places that’s really kind of caught on and that gets me excited so first as business owners we dream big right we put these lofty goals out there and it’s amazing what happens when we work towards those goals but the problem that we have as entrepreneurs is when we get down to implementing for those goals we handcuff ourselves we put restraints on ourselves you may not even realize you do it but we think about I don’t have the time for that you might think of you probably hearing great ideas here you discounted automatically I don’t really have the time for that I don’t have the money for that you had to be really nice to send everyone a birthday card automatically that sounds really cool but that’s there’s a cost associated with that right send him a birthday cake for all I care but there’s a cost associated with that

all right I don’t have the staff to pull off that little cool trick I don’t have the resources my office space our brand and our shin won’t support that kind of marketing there’s these restraints that we automatically put on ourselves as soon as you open up InfusionSoft and start to build so then we build these crappy stupid little campaigns like I’ll send a couple of emails and wait a few days and send some more and they just don’t work who’s never launched the campaign they didn’t work I’ll raise two hands I’ve done a lot of them right we’ve done it but that all comes down to strategy and if the strategy isn’t right then we’re gonna miss so this exercise is called the power of one I need you to pull out a pen pencil piece of paper okay I’m gonna give you some great tips right now take advantage of it once you write some stuff down first thing is I need you to write down the name of your most profitable customer if you’re not sure who’s the most profitable just pick your favorite one ideally your most profitable the reason we’re gonna do this is because we’re gonna think through some stuff considering the idea that your business only has one customer we’re removing all constraints in this process okay we’re gonna remove all the restraints by saying look we’ve only got one customer the success of your business is dependent solely on this one customer okay if you could make it to wherever you want to go with your business by serving this only this one customer you would do things a little different right sure I can send them a birthday cake because there’s only one

all right not a big deal I can call them up I have the time to call them up because there’s only one okay so as we go through this exercise those restraints are gonna keep popping in your mind though you got to keep pushing them away you only have one customer the success of your business is dependent on that customer so first question how would you followup with your one lead how would you follow up with Bob write it down what would you do would you do a little differently don’t worry about campaigns and structure and goals and sequences welcome stuff just what would you do how would you follow up with this person I’ll be quiet for a minute while you write but really give it some thought would you give them a phone call would you send them a letter would you show up on their doorstep it might be a little creepy knock on their door hey I know she open my email yesterday write down a few ideas how would you do things differently I promise you what you’re writing down looks a lot different than what your campaigns current look like right cuz you have no restraints alright next how would you extend your offer again the ability to give bonuses and really deliver value and things like that might change if you only have one customer it might look a little different so go ahead and write that down what does your offer look like what is the process of extending the offer and the invitation look like what does the offer itself look like now right as you’re starting to do this the constraints are creeping in like oh I can’t do that can’t do that right got to stop that line of thinking you can do anything you want right now and don’t worry about how we’re gonna implement this because I promise you I’m gonna show you how you can implement it a lot of this stuff can be automated more than you think okay and it can be automated in a very personal way and some things might be out of reach that’s okay we’ll hold those for an idea later that you might implement later but if you design and craft this amazing experience then at least you’re starting with great strategy

okay next how would you wow your one customer what does the fulfillment process look like right now maybe like send an email hey thanks so much for buying here’s your access information whatever it is that you’re selling is that Wow in them are they going holy smokes this is amazing already like when they just sign up then they become lifelong fans from day one how do we create that experience give you a few seconds to write some ideas down all right next question how would you upsell you’ve got more to deliver to this one customer they just bought your first product there’s more you have lots to offer people tons of value where’s that process of delivering more value to people look like I kind of don’t like the word upsell has a bad connotation how do you deliver more value what’s the process that you’re gonna walk them through what’s the experience you’re gonna create so that they just keep coming back for more and more and more and they love you for it cuz you’re giving them the value that they want the reason we’re doing this is because if you put garbage into InfusionSoft

you’re gonna get garbage out of it okay and we don’t have time to really dive deep into that exercise but take that home that’s super simple you can sit down in a quiet room for a couple hours and really think through that and come up with some amazing stuff your dreamers your entrepreneurs you can dream up amazing stuff don’t let those restraints stop you because once you have the plan once you have the strategy then you can step back and say okay how do we automate this how do we reduce the cost how do we deliver the experience and keep it within our means it is possible I promise you we don’t want to put garbage in InfusionSoft if you don’t do strategy right you’re putting garbage in InfusionSoft and then InfusionSoft is useless okay all right let me ask you another question related to strategy and messaging is what we’re getting into now messaging again if you put the wrong message in your emails or in your communications it’s not gonna work it’s not gonna work at all raise your hand if you have interviewed your customers any of your customers like really interviewed them to understand them from a marketing perspective

in the last month last month okay a handful of you great the rest of you shame on you I’ll tell you this I’ve been doing InfusionSoft for ten years I should be able to talk about it like no big deal right and then talk to so many small business owner and say look I’ve been in this business 30 years I know how to talk to my customers I promise you you don’t your customers can talk about what you do better than you can it’s because you want to talk about features and functionalities and they will talk about how it impacts their life and you have to get those words from them and then flip them around in your marketing your messaging has come from your customers not from you again I’ve been doing InfusionSoft for ten years and I should be able to talk about it I’ve got 28 pages of single spaced notes from conversations I’ve recently had with customers as I prepared the InfusionSoft success lab and gotten ready to talk to you guys today because I don’t know how to talk about what I do you have to admit that as an entrepreneur if you can’t admit it then you just give up now okay you need help from an outside perspective to help you look at this alright so let me give you a few types of questions you should and ask when you do these interviews this is part of our proprietary process that we teach and Walker our clients through I’m going to give you some of those keys right now

so you want to ask them things like how did you feel when you were searching for a solution to your problem now obviously you gonna need to rework that for your business but how did you feel now if you don’t have a relationship with that person they’re gonna give you answers like stressed frustrated right that doesn’t help right headline with stressed or frustrated sounds like everybody else okay so you have to dig deeper you have to have the relationship first to dig deeper if you don’t have the relationship ask the questions anyways and see what you get but you say well tell me about that how is that affecting your personal life so let’s pretend I’m talking to a business owner and I’m talking to him about InfusionSoft or what we do or whatever and they say yeah I was really stressed well tell me about that what were you stressed about man the sales they’ve been tapering off and I’m just really I’m really stressed that we’re not going hit our sales numbers it’s going down down down every month I need to hit the sales numbers these next few months I actually need to exceed them because I got to make up for the last few months

okay well why is why is that important it’s not about sales is it no not really but I’ve got 10 people on my team they’ve been with me they battled it out with me and I’m at the point where I won’t make payroll next week if I don’t hit these numbers I can’t let these people go that must be tough how do you deal with that when you get home oh geez are you home I just have to hide it I flipped this too by the way I know what it’s like my wife has no idea and I can’t break it to her I’m thinking maybe we need to move you need to downsize the kids are in schools that you know I don’t have to move them that stuff’s real you have that conversation with a customer how much differently can you talk to them now it’s not about persuading them it’s not about selling them it’s about pulling them out of that situation helping them with their life it’s a totally different perspective you have to understand where they’re coming from you got to ask those types of questions when you do I promise you will uncover gold you will uncover all of the secrets to what you need to put into InfusionSoft you won’t know how yet I’m gonna get there but you’re gonna know what to say okay so those are a few questions we can share much more of that with you but those are the types of things you need to get into with your customers all right again if you don’t you’re putting garbage into InfusionSoft you’re gonna get garbage out all right

we don’t want to do that now you may have heard InfusionSoft being referred to as the Ferrari of sales and marketing software anyone heard that term yes quite a few of you okay I’ll tell you it is it absolutely is I’ve looked at all the solutions out there InfusionSoft is the Ferrari hands-down it’s the best thing out there there’s a problem though they didn’t tell you a little secret they didn’t tell you when you bought it they didn’t give you a Ferrari they gave you a box of Ferrari parts okay and the instruction manual it reads like a choose your own adventure novel well you can do it this way or this way or this way or this way right you call up support support rep says yeah do it this way comps report again the next day just try it next time another guy says oh yeah I do it this other way they’re both right both ways will work you’ll get a third in the fourth and a fifth answer by the way they’re all right there are so many different ways to do it and when you’re doing the choose-your-own-adventure assembly model you end up with a Ferrari that looks like this it’s not quite what you were expecting so then you’re frustrated you’re driving down the street this thing doesn’t go as fast as they said it would go supposed to double my sales in 90 days yeah right right and it’s just not very reliable

okay you have a problem with InfusionSoft reliability it has to do with the assembly process not the actual parts okay but this is the problem we all have we’ve all been through it and it’s because there are no rules in InfusionSoft it’s the beautiful thing and the curse all at the same time you get in there and you open it up and it’s this blank screen just staring you in the face and it says go entrepreneur create do amazing stuff and it’s so empowering and so enabling once you know how to do it but when you’re first in there and you’re staring at it you’re like geez now I don’t even know where to start start dragging stuff out there like okay well this looks like it connects to that there’s a little green thing I can drag it connected right and you collect connect another one in this little black diamond shows up what does that do right you’re poking around you’re starting to connect things and you’re like okay I kind of get it this webform kicks out this sequence you start connecting other things like wow it’s great pretty soon you got your whole business built in there and it looks like this like it’s my masterpiece it’s amazing and then you put people in it and stuff might start going wrong or it might actually kind of work kinda like that car it puts down the road and kind of gets you there but you’re really afraid of it all right people might get the wrong tag you know something the wrong sequence and I just hired new staff and I’m trying to train them on this and they don’t know what the heck’s going on in there and it’s just not manageable you can’t live your life like this alright there’s no way so that’s what we do all right you just get fed up and you just throw it away how many of you have just stopped working InfusionSoft for a period of time like two weeks a month six months I talk to people like yeah I’ve been paying a few prims off like two years I don’t even use it that’s a shame you’ve got this Ferrari and you’re not even driving it okay I’m going to show you how to do that instead we want you feeling like this there’s Aaliyah again when you log into InfusionSoft next week and you have access to our success lab I want you to start logging in and feeling like this it’s ice cream on a center on a summer day right it just feels amazing and you love it and you love the learning process

so we need structure that’s the first thing we need we need some campaign structure or else you start creating all kinds of mess in there so I’m gonna teach you some basic basic campaign structure that’ll start to change the way you think about campaigns okay have you ever built stuff and then you’ve got a web form on your website and you’re like oh I need to make a tweak to that web form on add an extra field or change something out of question and you get in your like where’s that web form open up a campaign not that one open up another campaign not that one and you just start going crazy turns like I don’t know where this thing is raise your hand if that’s ever happened to you okay or an email you want to edit like all that email still going out that was supposed to stop a month ago you go in and try and find it and you can’t find it never happen to you all of us right we’ve done it okay you ever at home and you can’t find your keys it’s the same problem truthfully all right my wife doesn’t know I’m gonna do this I’m a totally embarrassed her Jill we come up come on up I didn’t know where she is she’s hiding somewhere she’s so nervous when I speak she’s literally like biting her lip it’s bleeding that’s not why I’m gonna bury embarrass her here she comes from the way back so when we first got married you’ll see when she when she gets up here she’s the most beautiful thing ever but there’s one thing that frustrated the heck out of me when we first got married you know we’d travel would go see parents or whatever you know you’re poor when you first get married so you drive everywhere and you’re driving mill the night to get back home from for work or whatever school we were in school at the time I was in school she was supporting me and we get home middle of the night to a.m.

And I’m dead I’ve been driving and I just want to go crash it’s like please let me sleep and she would say no we got to unpack all the suitcases I’ll put everything away keep it all organized and I’m like I’m gonna strangle you right now but I’ve learned to really appreciate that because there is nothing ever lost in our home keys don’t get lost the clothes don’t get lost everything is super organized all the time it’s amazing yes give her a round of applause she’s she’s the most amazing wife and mother ever but that same skill we’re gonna teach you in effusions I’m terrible at home I go home she knows it’s like stuff’s coming out my pockets it’s all over the place I just make a mess and then she’s like no I need to go back in this place and she helps me do that and she’s great and she’s awesome and she’s teaching our kids that skill and our kids are becoming amazing at it but I’m terrible at home I’m gonna teach you how to do an InfusionSoft soft and powerful way thank you all right so I’m gonna teach you how to unpack your suitcases and InfusionSoft okay and get it all organized and have this thing humming to a point we’re like yes this now starts to feel like a Ferrari I’m going where I need to go I’m hitting the results that I need to hit it all feels easy and amazing

okay this is what we call the way like you said for eight years or so I struggled with InfusionSoft just like you all right same problems and then a couple years ago as we started to build the team I had some of these ideas and some of these structures already that we were we were playing with but I realized in order to train my team and get them to be the experts that I am to get them to also be ninjas I need to give them specific rules and fuse and stock gives us too much leeway so we started talking about the way it’s the right way so now the team is trained whenever they don’t know how to do something fusions how they come to me what is the way say where’s the way say about note templates what does the way say about webforms what is the way say about this okay it’s the way it’s the right way to implement InfusionSoft all right so let’s talk about campaign structure campaign structure you can build the tiny little campaign one webform one sequence right you’re done or you can build your entire business in on that canvass all in one place right and again InfusionSoft won’t tell you right or wrong I’m gonna tell you there’s a right way and a wrong way here’s the right way build your campaigns by stage of the customer lifecycle

okay so you’ve all heard InfusionSoft talk about the perfect customer lifecycle there are stages lead capture indoctrination nurture and convert the sales process okay upsell fulfill and then you’ve got your referral process if you build your campaigns by stage then you always know what’s happening in that campaign you know where they came from and where they’re going so if I know someone’s in the upsell campaign they came from a sales campaign and they’re heading to the fulfillment campaign they’re all structured in that order okay so you get into InfusionSoft and you start building our campaigns you should name them like this stage one lead generation I wouldn’t call it lead generation

that’s the that’s the name of the stage but you would call it stage one you know free ebook or whatever your lead magnet might be right and then stage two indoctrination stage three conversion that might be a webinar maybe you’re using a webinar for a conversion process of stage 3 webinar campaign stage 4 is your sales process now for some of you if you do e-commerce there’s not a whole lot of a campaign there it’s really that functions happening on the shopping cart of the order form if you have a sales team or you sell over the phone or in person you might use a sales pipeline process so there might be a campaign built to manage that sales pipeline process stage 5 is your fulfillment process stage 6 is up selling stage 7 is referrals and then we throw one extra in there stage 8 is reporting who would like some great reports out of InfusionSoft we’ll show you how to do that in our success lab it’s amazing how much you can get out of some Fusion stuff when you know how to leverage the campaigns and tags okay so that’s the structure you log in your InfusionSoft account and it looks like this you may not be able to see that but they’re all labeled super clearly I could go to any one of my team members and say hey I’ve got a contact in this campaign what’s going on there and they’d be also oh okay I know what happened they opted into this and then they float through this and now they’re in this campaign and I know what’s gonna happen next because they’re all labeled stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 and you might have multiple stage 3 campaigns a whole bunch of stage 1 campaigns that’s fine but you know what they all do and they all interlock together they’re like building blocks you just plug them together and if one’s not working you pull it out plug in a different one ok it works super super easily that’s the kind of campaign structure that we’re gonna hold your hand and help you develop and build in your InfusionSoft account it’s really really easy once you get it down all right the next thing that’s really important is your tag categories and your tag naming structure who has a mess of tags admit it come on we’ve all done it you make a mess of your tags again there’s no rules they just let you go create whatever you want and they don’t give you any structure so I’m gonna give you the structure six main tag categories I’m gonna teach you this right now and remember the beginning of my talk it’s all about master InfusionSoft in ten minutes a day

I’m gonna teach you this in less than 10 minutes and you gonna have it nailed watch this okay so trigger trigger tags only achieve goals you know how you can achieve a goal with the tag you call them trigger tags all right that’s it it’s the only function that’s the key rule here is that every tag only has one function have you ever done this you’ve got a goal maybe it’s like after someone purchases you achieve that goal with a tag and you’re like okay cool that starts the fulfillment process and then like oh since people buy they get that tag I’ll use that tag to know how many people bought right maybe they’re buying a membership so I can just look at that tag you know a hundred people bought well what if one cancels and we don’t remove that tag well I know how many people bought but I don’t know how many members that currently have so then we removed that tag so now I know how many members I currently have but I don’t know how many just bought over time right and then what if they come back and they buy again but I never removed the tag then

the goal won’t get achieved they won’t go into the Welcome sequence again right so if you cross functions it gets all screwed up and inside of InfusionSoft there’s no rules that tell you not to do that and so we all mess it up so you got to have these structures in place every tag category only has one function trigger tags achieve goals that’s it they can start sequences they can stop sequences doesn’t matter they just achieve goals all right status tags status tags tell you where a person’s at in a process think of a sales process there might be a new lead and then I’m contacting them and now I’m negotiating with them and now I’ve sent them the contract and now close the deal that’s a status now these are semi temporary right they’re status changes as they go through a process so status tags tell us where they’re at okay where activity tells us what tells us what they’ve done all right and these tags are permanent they stay on the record forever I want a permanent historical record of everything this person’s done they fill out this form they bought this product they click this link whatever all right all that kind of stuff those are activity tags profile tags tell us who they are not what they’ve done where they’ve been who they are okay democratic demographics psychographics okay so you might have age brackets this person’s in the twenty to thirty year old range this person lives in suburbia this person is interested in learning about InfusionSoft so interests psychographics right that all goes into their profile right reporting these are only for reporting remember if we cross functions we’re gonna get messed up our reports will be wrong and other stuff will break so reporting tags only for reporting purposes all right Nexus temp so you’ve all done this

I hope maybe you haven’t but maybe I’m the only one you go into one of the searches of the reports or trying to find some data right and the criteria you’re trying to search on may not be in that particular search right I get so close I got this tag and I got this thing or whatever but I need one more criteria so then you have to tag them so that then you can use that tag in another different search that has the criteria that you need so you can get to the data you need right I see lots of heads nodding we’ve all done that right and so we just give them a temporary tag we don’t need it for any other purpose just for the five minutes while we’re trying to drill in on that data all right so temporary tags don’t mess up the rest of your categories with temp tags just put them over there once a month or so you just go and delete those they don’t matter they mattered for five minutes

okay so this morning I woke up I logged into my InfusionSoft account none of you have ever been in my future soft account I picked a random person Hank T I didn’t put his name here just in case he is in the room but this is a real person Hank T and I’ve got some tags on on his record I want you to shout out who is this person who shut it out he’s an Athenian soft customer right you know that cuz that’s his profile tag all right what has Hank done he got a welcome email we got the first welcome email in the indoctrination campaign what else he requested the lead magnet called 18 keys okay and what’s his status where is he at in our process exactly he’s already been registered as a member so we give everyone free membership level in our membership site so that automatically happens we give that tag partly because if they go through other stuff we don’t want to go through the whole HTTP POST process again

so we were out them out so they just skip that because they have that tag and then he’s also currently in the indoctrination campaign so I taught you in five minutes our tagging structure and you were able to look at one of my random contacts and know exactly what’s going on with that person pretty amazing right ten minutes a day it is possible now that may seem really simple and it is but it’s just the start right there are so many things that we can teach you it’s just these little tiny tricks that are gonna allow you to take total control and command over InfusionSoft it’s just the tip of the iceberg I see something to take pictures I’ll get you the slides no worries okay all right so have you ever done this what the heck is going on to my campaigns

I need to know the data and I can’t see the reports that I need we’ve all done it right we struggle with that so here’s what it should look like when you log into InfusionSoft remember Elia with the ice cream and it’s a summer day and it’s just amazing I’ll show you what that actually looks like in InfusionSoft you log in and your dashboard looks like this so this is one of our real customers right this customer knows that there’s over 17,000 blueprint members so that’s an annual membership they’re all paying members okay he also knows that there’s 110,000 people on his email list okay he knows that this week 127 people new people signed up 169 last week 159 the week before and that could go on and on if we want to keep going weeks and weeks back but that’s accurate data he knows and you can look at the trends and say wait a minute so we had 159 we had 169 this week’s a little slow what’s going on right and potentially make some adjustments maybe watch that for a few weeks see is that a continuing trend or was it just a blip okay and then below those you can see that how many of those were new members returned returning returning blueprints sale you see there’s one six and 13 down below he’s got active members that have hard bounced active members that have opted out he’s got his support team calling those people hey you realize you paid for this right the content you paid for you can’t get because you opted it out okay so that’s really important you don’t want people paying for your service and not getting the value and if you don’t tell them that what they did is making them lose the value then you’ve got a problem

all right so they’re on top of that here’s another customer this one knows this is what I call the executive dashboard we build this for our clients I love to build this because all of a sudden people go ooh I like infusing stuff now the business owner gets in there he’s like I love this I can see what’s going on in my business whoops I don’t have little squares on this we’ll go top to bottom so I know how many leads we’ve got month to date how many actually turn into sales opportunities how much in payments okay anyone knows to demonstrate in orders and payments and InfusionSoft orders don’t tell you how much is actually your bank account payments does but you have to know how to do the search just right or else it’s not gonna rectify with your bank account numbers it’s gonna look a little different so that numbers an accurate number one hundred twenty-six thousand seven hundred thirty nine dollars and 19 cents is exactly what should be in the bank account and it will match up when you do that search correctly all right they also know and their cash forecast that’s money that will automatically build an InfusionSoft

so if you sell payment plans or subscription plans it’s scheduled to build this month so this business has what is it thirty-nine thousand or so scheduled the bill between now and the breasts and the end of this month so they can for they can look into the future a little bit and plan right remember we’re talking about struggling over payroll and things like that you really need to be able to forecast you’ve got to look into the future one of the things I learned at InfusionSoft is that as a leader of people one of your primary jobs is to be able to see into the future project and forecast right so you can lead the team confidently so they know 39,000 is going to come in in Auto bills right sales forecast that’s what the sales team is projecting hey here’s what we’re gonna close this month and then the receivables 57,000 and receivables so they can sit down and look at that how much of this do you think we’re gonna collect this month

now we have a really good idea of the leads and sales funnel what’s going to auto bill what we could potentially collect and receivables and then what we think we can close a new business I’ve got a great picture of what the revenue of this month is going to look like and you can project that out another month or two if you’d like okay then we’ve got affiliate payouts owed and then total payments collected over the year who would like that kind of dashboard I love you right be able to see your business like that and then we can get as granular as you want into every single campaign as well but that’s kind of an executive dashboard that we’d like to set up for our clients so you log in InfusionSoft then you go yes this is amazing it’s like my birthday right it feels great when you log into InfusionSoft and you know what’s going on and things are working right and the numbers are coming in and you’re hitting your goals and that’s what we’re gonna hold your hand and help you do so I mentioned at the beginning that I was gonna share these things with you and then at the end I would show you how to take what you learned today one step further to master InfusionSoft your business and your life

so I’d like to introduce to you the InfusionSoft success lab they’ve been stuff success labs there’s some online courses where we take you through we hold your hands step by step through all of these things to teach you the organizational structure as well as the strategy so you can put all of this stuff together in your InfusionSoft account and absolutely crush it the way you hope to do when you first signed up for InfusionSoft so let me run through the basic courses with you first is marketing strategy so there we go I’m back hello all right so marking strategy mastery we’re gonna take you through more of those types of exercises but then we dive a little deeper and we’ll show you campaign strategy and how do you get someone from point A to point B and how do you get someone to recognize that they’re the right fit not that you’re person down the throat but they recognize and they raise their hand they say yes that’s what I need that’s all about the strategy and the messaging and we’ll walk you through lessons of exactly how to do that InfusionSoft campaign builder mastery the campaign builder is awesome like we talked about that’s where all the freedom is but we got to have those rules and the structures

we’re gonna teach you exactly how to really own the campaign builder and master it in a powerful way in feeding us how the e-commerce mastery some of you use e-commerce I always tell people look don’t use a third-party shopping cart or order form if you don’t have to because the beauty comes from the automation that happens if you can use InfusionSoft natively it’s amazing but a lot of people have either heard things InfusionSofts out the order for him suck or the shopping cart is really terrible there are some simple things we can do to clean all that up and make it amazing for you okay all right InfusionSoft sales pipeline mastery so if you sell with a sales team or you sell over the phone we’re going to teach you how to put together and manage the sales pipe in a really really powerful way okay InfusionSofts have referral partner mastery if you want to manage affiliates set up referral partners and drive business

that way there are some great things you can do and it’s really easy to set up those powerful programs if you just know the right steps and the rules if you follow the way all right and then if you stopped Administration mastery this is all about the reports and the dashboards and the searches and managing the data and making sure everything stays clean again some very simple structures step-by-step processes that we can walk you through to make sure that you’re successful with this we want success we’re all about results add an at box out marketing all right and then InfusionSoft workflow automation mastery this is one of the Forgotten areas of InfusionSoft InfusionSoft can automate so much of the daily work that you guys do and we will teach you exactly how to approach that and set up structures so that you and your team can be two three four times more efficient than what you’re being now when you do your daily work alright so the courses once you get into each course this is the four they’re all structured the same the first module is the executive overview so if you’re the business owner and you’re like hey I don’t want to get into all the details of the training that’s fine you need to know what’s possible though so you can dream big and direct your team to go do it so the executive overview is gonna take you through a couple of quick 10-minute lessons to help you just get your head around what’s going on there and then you can tell your team look this is what I want go do it right and then the next module is the training

so that’s where we take you through these 10-minute lessons they’re super super simple and they walk you through literally every feature every setting in InfusionSoft now that may sound boring and it can be and so that’s why we have these step-by-step launch guides which is module number three the step-by-step launch guides is where we put it all together in actual practice and so we show you all right you want to build a webinar campaign open up your campaign builder and a follow me drag out this I’ll drag out this now connect it here it’s literally step by step you follow the video at the end you have a built campaign that you can feel confident is going to work and you learn it all in the process so some of you might say hey I don’t want to read the executive overview I don’t want the training I just wanna go build it great you can jump ahead you can go at your own pace do exactly what you need to do now and then we can go even one step bigger to this scenarios so you might be a lawyer and you’re looking and say well I don’t know how I’d use a webinar in my business it’s a little bit different yeah it is a little different so that’s why I have these real-life business scenarios where we put all of the pieces together in a few different business models so you can see how it all works for different types of businesses okay so all of our courses are structured that way when you get into the actual two-minute lessons they look like this so any feature right let’s talk about web forms what is a web form why would I use it that’s one of the missing things in InfusionSoft Help Center

whew Self Help Center is great if you know what you’re looking for but sometimes you know what you’re looking for and you don’t know even why you would use it so we tell you why you would use it how do I set it up the way all right so we’re gonna tell you the right way to utilize that feature and then what are the reasons it may not be working so you just followed everything we taught you and for some reason it’s just not working the way you thought well we’ve already answered all those questions because we’ve heard them all a million times but if we haven’t for some reason you can submit your own question there and get a response from me or my team to make sure that you’re able to move forward all right and then we have tools and suggestions to help you take that even a step further optionally if you want yourself or your team to get certified so you know their stuff there’s a certification exam at the end of each of the courses and you don’t have to pass course number one exam to get on the course number two you can go at your own pace access anything you’d like at any time but as a business owner you might say hey I want my VA to know this stuff inside now I want my marketing manager to know the stuff inside now

I need to know that they actually are certified and they’ve been through it and they’ve passed the test well that’s what that’s for so you can put in your team and track their progress and make sure that they’re actually learning the stuff and they’re able to implement the big dreams you come up with all right so the InfusionSoft success lab Pro is normally three hundred and forty seven dollars a month since you’re at ICON and I know you’re here to take action I know you’re here to go home and implement that’s the type of people we want in the success lab I want people who are gonna actually get in there and make it happen we’re gonna extend a great invitation to you here at ICON it’s only $197 a month okay and this comes with everything that I’ve talked to you about today if you get the order form that you’re being passed out right now just go to that box on the right and scratch off three hundred and forty seven dollars and write in one hundred ninety seven dollars per month okay that’s all that it’s gonna take right now $197 a month alright so there’s some fast action bonus news we’ve put together for you guys for those of you that are ready to act right now we’re gonna give you 2×2 users okay so you get three total so if you’re the business owner and you’re signing up and you got a marketing manager in a VA and you want them to get in there and learn all this stuff – two extra users for you if you sign up in this room only alright we’re also gonna give you the free upgrade to the pro you can look at the pricing they’re totally free upgrade to the pro level of the InfusionSoft success lab we’re also going to take it a step further and give you monthly campaign building live workshops so some of you think well I don’t have the time to get in there and do this or I need a little extra hand-holding what if I have questions what not these monthly campaign building workshops

we’re gonna get on a webinar with you and we’re gonna walk you through step by step various different types of funnels we’re actually doing two of them every month but they’re four different business models so least one of them will always apply to your business okay whether you’re more ecommerce focused or you’re more kind of a sales team type business one of at least one of those maybe both of them will apply to you every single month they’ll always be recorded so if you miss it for some reason you can get in there or if you can’t make it have your VA get in there and get on that call and then on the off weeks we have a support call for that particular campaign building workshop so we build it first then a week later we get back on and say okay have you launched it did you run into some problems did you launch it and something didn’t go right and we help you it’s a group setting but we’ll answer one-off questions and help you if we have to we’ll just make you the presenter look at your campaign fix it right then and there okay we want to make sure that you guys are actually getting results that you’re making it happen so that’s what the campaign building workshops are are gonna be all about in the InfusionSoft success lab

that’s our Facebook group so you may not want to wait until the next workshop where you can get some hands-on help private Facebook group where you can get in and ask questions we already have a vibrant group of almost 400 members so we’ve been building this group over time of all of our clients so almost 400 members are double your sales club if you’ve heard of that we’re basically rolling into the InfusionSoft success lab great group of people in there entrepreneurs just like you trying to make it happen and they’re in there just collaborating and helping each other and supporting each other all the time my team and I’m always in there as well supporting you guys so whatever question you have support that you need were there to help you alright so fast action bonus for the first 30 people I also want to offer a one hour private marketing consultation now that made it happen over the next few weeks or months we’re gonna have to schedule that out so if that’s for you and you’re ready go ahead and head to the back of the room where my teams at I want to make sure that you guys get those for the first 30 okay so you may have questions in your mind at this point I’m gonna take all those questions away okay I don’t want you guys to worry about this at all I’m gonna take all of the burden on myself I’m so confident that the success lab will help 98% of you in this room then

I’m gonna offer a 60 day money-back guarantee you get in there and you start consuming the stuff and we walk you through it and we hold your hand through it and you decide it’s not for you within 60 days just let us know we’ll refund all your money and you’re on your way but I know that if you engage and you do this you’re gonna master InfusionSoft I promise you you’ve got ten minutes a day that you can do this okay or an hour a week however you want to structure your time it is absolutely possible I just want to let you know too that this is my passion I talked about doing private consulting and it was an amazing life and my wife is probably still looking at me like can you please just go back to that I worked like four hours a day and had a couple of clients and was amazing I left all that and I’m going through this hard work because I want you to succeed okay this is all about helping you get results with not just infusing stuff but your business and so you can live your life like that okay so I’m gonna walk to the back of the room if you’re with me follow me back there I’ll answer questions back there with my team and we’ll take care of all of you who are ready to go you

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