welcome back once your campaign settings are all in order you can then launch your campaign and you'll see two buttons you'll see one on the left side menu and one at the top right we're going to click launch campaign you'll get a message asking if you're sure you're then going to click ok your campaign is now going to be active and you can begin setting your widgets on different pages of your website if you want to use a pop-up a pop-over or html form with your campaign active you can go to your page you can click the button you'll be able to see your campaign and you'll be able to click the button you'll then come to your share page and this is what your customer will then see what you can then do is to go through the process you can begin sharing your campaign so you can then click the facebook share button and you can share your campaign on facebook you'll click post to facebook you can then share your campaign on twitter and you can then tweet your campaign so now that we've shared we want to go to our email address so that we can see what our customers will actually see and we can see our email and that we have unlocked a reward and we see a second email where we have unlocked the second reward and so our campaign is working as it should okay so with that thanks and i will see you in another video

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