how to write sales pages that actually
convert now this is part one of two have you been struggling to write sales
pages I mean sales pages that actually convert that get you sales now without
tons of experience it's really hard to do that's why in this video I'm gonna
give you the exact process that you'll need to write sales pages that convert
and get more sales we're starting right now hey first off this is part one of a
two-part video series so make sure after you watch this video in the link I have
a link to part two of this series make sure you watch part two I'm gonna cover
part of the things you need to do in this video and then the other half in
the other video now if you're new to my channel my name is J.R.

Fisher and I
appreciate you showing up but you've got to subscribe make sure you go down to
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and it's been a lot of work but I've learned a lot of things so I started
this channel to help you guys start run and grow your online business to give
you the tips tricks and secrets that I figured out over the years we actually
have our product sold on thousands of websites including Walmart so we've
learned a few things along the way and we can pass them on to you now writing
these sales pages this is a tough thing to do if you haven't had experience
writing sales pages I'm going to give you all the steps that you're gonna need
to go through in this video in the next video so that you can actually have high
converting sales pages before we get started I do want to let you know that I
have a $97 ecommerce course that I'm giving away for free go down into the
description area and I've got a link where you can click on it and just click
and learn no credit card required $97 course absolutely free okay let's jump
right on this and let's talk about number one number one know your audience
you know it's really hard to sell somebody if you don't know who you're
selling to we like to kind of develop an avatar how old is this person where do
they live what are their motivations what kind of job kind of car the closer
you can get to who your avatar is the better your advertising will be and the
more sales you'll get now there's a lot of ways of doing this
you can actually do customer surveys you can survey people out there who have
bought the particular product or service that you want to sell and kind of figure
out a little bit more about him you could do it through web analytics you
can look at the analytics and see what's going on you can use audience insights
inside of Facebook that's another way to do it there's a lot of social media
analytics out there that you can use and you can use any other type of research
you want to do by pulling your customers or sending out emails whatever you want
to do but try to figure out who this buyer is first once you put all this
information together you've got this customer avatar and you're gonna know
their pain points and what their needs and desires are and it's gonna be a
whole lot easier to write your ad copy okay the next thing you want to do
number two is set up your value proposition what is your value
proposition so a value proposition would be we help X to Y by Z so let me give
you an example of that we help marketers and business owners to build their email
list and boost their sales by providing high converting marketing campaign
software so that would be a value proposition people can hear that people
can see that and they know exactly what you're all about they need to know these
things because what you will is you will speak to the people who really buy into
that and then the people who don't buy into that you'll kind of push them away
which is exactly what you want to do number three is get the price right
price is so very important now you may have your product price too high or too
low or just right but you got to figure it out you got to figure out what's
gonna work and the best way to do that is go out into the market look at your
competition what are they offering can you offer it at a better price can you
get more value than they do offer more than one price point two because you're
gonna have different levels of people an example would be in our digital
marketing training and online training now I've got courses that are seven
dollars I've got continuity courses that are twenty seven dollars I've got big
courses which are nine hundred ninety seven dollars
I've got coaching which cost thousands of dollars an hour and the reason you
want to do this is because your audience is not made up
one income it's made up of many different incomes now your main customer
may be between you know forty and seventy thousand dollars a year or
whatever you determine in your avatar but there are outliers there there are
people in your group that have a whole lot more money than everybody else there
are people in your group that don't have near as much money is the median people
in your group so if you have all these different price ranges and all these
different price points and different product values you can obviously sell
more of your products so it's gonna be very helpful so here's a really good
example for WordPress form builder if you look at here it says without the
high cost so the first one we've got here is an agency which is 499 dollars
okay and the next one is a pro which is $1.99 the plus is $99 and then the basic
is $39 so they're speaking to four different levels of people by these
different price ranges the number four is determine your page length now I've
seen pages that just have a button on there in two or three sentences and I've
seen pages that go on you know 40 50 pages long so you got to determine
what's gonna work for you now what do you do do you should do a short page do
you do a long page here's the length of page you want to do it needs to be as
long as it needs to be to get the job done okay and they get the job done
there's having an opt-in or buy or whatever so in order to really figure
that out you're gonna need to do some testing all online sales require testing
and I think a lot of people don't want to do that because they say well gee
I've got it before these pages instead of one of these pages yeah you do if you
want to be profitable and you want to make money now ideally if you can do
shorter copy that's the better way to go if you can get your point across now
here's an example right here for cyber monday on Groupon for example Groupon
explains its purpose in a sentence and takes you straight to the deals this is
up to 80% off of tech home a pair and much more here's another great
example from muck racks landing page if you look it has a simple sentence on
here says is your public relations collaborative but as you go further down
the page as you can see here there's a whole lot more detail if you want to get
into the detail part this page also includes testimonials and of course more
call to actions to get the person to opt-in or to buy number five is nail the
headline and sub headlines now this is so important because you only get one
shot at this that headline has to be action-oriented it has to be some type
of result it has to refer to some pain point it's got to ask some question if
you get this wrong they're not even going to read the rest of your page the
best headlines are actually short and directly to the point now let's take a
look at this one by social media examiner if you look at it it's a little
bit longer of a page but in this example in the social media examiner says
discover the best social media marketing techniques from the world's top experts
that stands out over and above everything else but it does give you the
opportunity to read more if you choose to do so
number six some like to call it show the benefit of the benefit I like to call it
features and benefit but actually you need to list the benefits of your
product to the customer and the feature so a feature is something that your
particular product has and the benefit is going to be what they receive now
your benefits really should be listed as bullet points on the page I want to show
you an example right now this particular one is for enchanting marketing
enchanting copywriting eCourse and coaching program you guys want to say
learn how to write persuasive content and win more customers in this course
you will learn how to write persuasive content that tells you what they're
gonna do and then they actually list what you're going to get they talk about
a tweak in program here they talk about personal
feedback of weekly assignments and then they say right the most important pages
for your website and get them edited by a pro and the next course starts and
then they get the date of what that is there of course this is a little bit
folder but it tells you everything about the course that you would probably want
to know now think of it think of the benefits of the benefits or the features
and the benefits as things are gonna get so for example if you're selling diet
pills the benefit is weight loss and the benefit of the benefit could be that
you're more confident you feel better there's a reason you want that weight
loss and that's what it's gonna get for you but it's to help your confidence and
make you feel better about yourself so that's the benefit of the benefit now
James Wedmore who I've actually followed for years uses this on his sales page
showing not just the benefits of free training but how the training will
affect the users businesses okay so the training is what you're getting
but what benefit are you getting from doing training cuz nobody really wants
to do training they want to get the benefit of the training number seven
some of us forget to do this describe your product describe it some people may
not know about your product near as much as you think they do we have this
assumption because we work with a product every day that everybody else
knows all the buzzwords they knew the things that's gonna do they know the
things it won't do but they don't we need to put that detail in there because
you're gonna have all levels of people hitting this page some that do have some
education about your product and some it's never heard of it before the more
descriptive you can be about your product the better off you are now check
out this example here of this sales page for monster insights showing how it
provides the key features that people want it goes into detail quick and easy
set up the e-commerce tracking ads tracking real-time stats Universal
tracking and file download tracking so it covers each one and then each one has
a sub headline that goes into just a little bit more
details number eight get the language right so when you're
writing your ad copy you may want to use words like you and yours and when you're
trying to accomplish something you may want to use words like we are gonna work
on this together that way they feel like they're actually part of stuff it shows
that you can actually empathize with that particular customer and you
understand what their feelings are also telling a story is really good I mean
telling a story is super important if you could tell a story in your copy you
will lead the person to want to finish it because there's always a beginning
middle and into a story and if it's written properly you're gonna keep them
on the page the longer they're on that page the longer they read the more
chances that they're gonna hop to enter buy your product you can also use power
words in your ad copy these power words can literally be very powerful and now
this is kind of an story form but look at this from CPI it says I'm about to
share something that might sound familiar to you whether you work with
kids or adults and in any setting working with people in your care is
tough number nine handle objections anytime somebody comes to your page
they're gonna have some objections that are pre-programmed into their brain
they're just there okay so to give you an example of maybe
you're giving away a free report and the people look at and go free report well
if it's free it can't really have any value let's not have much value to it
and I found that actually when you're giving away free stuff it is more
difficult to give away free stuff than to sell them a $20 item because when
they look at free they think it's worthless so I would first off say
attach a value to that you want to make sure you say you know it's free but it's
normally worth 29.95 or whatever it is and then you need to really sell it you
probably need to sell the free out of more and show all the value that
actually is going to give to the end user
now something else you can do is you can talk about a limited time offer and you
can do this by having an Euler page you could have a pop-up on your page that
says grab this now opt-in now and you get 10% off or you get $5 off or
whatever it is you want to offer but that creates that sense of urgency and
makes them want to buy the product right then instead of just waiting to another
time when they feel like it okay so that's the first nine steps of this
there's more steps in video two so I want you to go over to video two now I'm
gonna put a link in the description down there so you can go over to video two
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