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videos instagram reels instagram launched reels   its competitor to tick tock in august 2020 users 
can upload and share short form video content   typically accompanied with music to their story 
or with friends sharing a reel is easy just like   sharing any other kind of post on instagram 
and can be done in just a few simple steps   in instagram's latest update the reels feature can 
be found directly in the middle of the menu bar at   the bottom of the screen open the instagram app on 
your device in the menu at the bottom of the app   select the reels icon which looks like a clapper 
board in the middle scroll through the reels until   you find the one you wish to share select the 
share icon on the left it looks like a paper plane   in the pop-up menu select add real to your story 
when you're finished select your story to add to   your story close friends or send to youtube 
shorts as you browse videos on youtube shorts   you may come across a video that you want to 
share with other people if you want to share   a youtube shorts video our guide will show you 
how this is done while viewing a youtube shorts   video you want to share tap the share button 
near the bottom right corner of the screen   tap one of the buttons to share the video through 
an email text message whatsapp and so on you can   also tap the copy link button to copy a link to 
the video that you can paste anywhere snapchat   spotlight tap the send to button located at 
the bottom right of the screen now tap on the   spotlight button at the top of the page here you 
need to agree to the spotlight terms by tapping ok   now to upload the spotlight video using the button 
at the top of the screen tick tock videos open   tick tock navigate to a video you want to share 
tap the share icon tap the sharing method you want   send your post message or tweet thank you for 
watching [Music] see you in the next video lesson

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