[Music] video number 14 tips tricks and 
techniques for effective vertical videos   savvy brands pursue modern tactics to keep 
up with the constantly changing ways that   consumers interact with social media they know 
it's an essential part of staying in the game   when it comes to video marketing and how 
to incorporate a video marketing strategy   at your company vertical video is that essential 
modern tactic here are a few tips and tricks one   create a fast-paced environment 
this is not a lean back experience   people have been conditioned to watch vertical 
video in short bursts of 10 seconds or less   to tap past anything that doesn't 
immediately grab their attention   this learned behavior isn't going away which is 
why you need to make sure your vertical videos   are fast paced and created for the person on the 
go rather than lean back on the couch experience two the first three seconds are very important 
you have top three seconds really like 1.5   to grab a viewer's attention to stick 
around otherwise they can swipe over   to an unlimited number of other options for 
content 3.

Animated graphics cut scenes mixing   elements or where it's at real is a place 
for premium vertical content so expect that   you will need to do some editing before you 
upload final cut pro adobe premiere and even   mobile apps like perfect video make editing and 
exporting in a vertical format easier than ever 4. access access is something that people 
expect when they watch content vertically   mobile phones have allowed anyone anywhere   to be the videographer leading to a new level of 
access for content that was previously unavailable   five mobile and vertical video is still 
the land of celebrities and influencers   the best performing content on vertical is 
still dominated by celebrities and influencers   the name and face recognition you get from 
partnering with existing content creators will   save you thousands of dollars in paid ad promotion 
and can often give you an automatic head start   for any vertical content series six produce for 
the platform do not repackage horizontal video   for a vertical video platform when you film for 
vertical you film differently you have to follow   the point of interest and keep them centered 
in the shot and you have to think about what   is going on in the top and lower third portion of 
the screen because you don't want to waste space   you don't need professional equipment or 
experience to create vertical videos that   effectively build relationships with customers 
on social media you don't even need a big budget   to get started just an understanding of 
best practices and a willingness to test   ideas respond to audience feedback thank you for 
watching [Music] see you in the next video lesson

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