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There are all sorts of content involved with content marketing from social media messages, to email messages, to guest blog posts, to your own blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, courses, and more. When you think about it, everything is content. Whether it’s a sales page, an article, or an email, it is all content; and all your content should have a call to action included.

• Email CTAs – Keep in mind you want to have one email for each topic or subject (or problem) and then one CTA. Place it in the email in more than one spot such as immediately at the top and then at the end.

• Website Content CTAs – On your website pages, there are many opportunities for CTAs. You’re going to have a lot of options regarding CTAs, but every single page should have at least one prominently placed CTA so that your audience knows what to do. Try to make it easy for them. You can use “heat map” technology to find out where people are looking at your site to know the best placement for your CTAs.

• Blog Post CTAs – When you write a blog post, the post should have a purpose, seek to inform, engage, and inspire action on the part of the reader. There are many places you can put CTAs in a blog post, from contextual links to over and under post buttons, that tell your reader what to do. It’s okay to include more than one CTA on a blog post. Some CTAs that are good to use would be to find out information about what you posted or to sign up for reminders of new blog posts.

• Video CTAs – If you have video content, you should ensure that you’ve either stated the CTA and what to do in the video or in the description of the video. Just like a blog post, a video should be tied to what you want them to do next. If you’re good with editing, you can even add words with clickable links right to the video itself.

• Report CTAs – If you’ve created a whitepaper, a report, or eBook, you can include CTAs throughout that content too. You can put more than one CTA if you create a long report, or it can contain just one CTA placed in several spots. The important thing is to be clear about what you want them to do after they’ve read the report. So don’t give them too many things to do and confuse them.

call to action

Anytime you create any type of content, you should consider how to add a CTA. It should be simple to figure out what to do because you have a reason for creating that content. You want it to lead someplace, and the CTA helps guide your reader there. You want to focus on the benefits to the audience consuming your content. Answer their main question, “what’s in it for me?” and you’re sure to get more click-throughs to all your CTAs.


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