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Pitfalls that Any Serious Internet Entrepreneur Must Avoid

Waiting For Things To Happen

If you truly want to develop a ‘think and grow rich’ mindset, you must remember that every successful entrepreneur is an ACTION TAKER.

Many make the mistake of building a beautiful website and a product, but they just sit around all day hoping sales will come. This is WRONG.

You must never sit around and wait for things to happen. Rather, you must go out there are recruit partners, make friends and most important of all – DRIVE TRAFFIC!

Dealing With Machines Instead Of Humans – Internet Marketing Training

Another common mistake by Internet marketing training newbies – is that they do not spot the hottest trends.

You see, some people are sadly mistaken because they assume that Internet marketing is all about dealing with ‘machines.

At the core of it, the very people who are going to be your customers (or the people who are going to click on your advertisements) are HUMAN BEINGS. We have to apply the proper psychology when we are dealing with them.

Dealing with humans require the human touch. Are you just writing articles for PEOPLE to read or are you just writing articles to please the search engines?

Not Being Focused

There are Internet marketers out there who try every traffic generation method in the book, but they are not focusing on one.

They try driving in traffic from blogs, search engines, AdWords, viral marketing and everything under the sun, but they are not focused.

It is better to have ONE traffic generation method driving LOTS of traffic compared to 10 traffic generation methods that produce less than one focused method because dabbling with many methods often do not produce concentrated results.

4-Step Process that Anyone Can Follow to Become Successful Online

Find a skill

The easiest way to make money online is to ‘sell’ a skill. This skill could be any form of service that you can provide to help other marketers save time, save money and save effort.

Here are a few examples:

* Writing – you can become a ghostwriter, copywriter or blogger and sell your skills to other marketers

* Graphics Design – you can create powerful E-covers for E-books or graphic banners for mini-sites

* Technical – you can help people if you are good with programming (e.g. script installation, testing and website setup)

* Networking – help other people to recruit affiliates for their product launches

If you want to develop the winning mindset, make sure you work hard by serving others first even if the pay is low or you are required to sacrifice time (and sometimes, money) in order to develop your skill and build your clientele.

Create Your Own Product

After you develop enough expertise with your skills, you can turn your skills into a product.

The most important thing to remember is that your skill must be something that brings value to others. If you can bring value to others and monetize it, others will most probably want to learn from you as well.

Once you teach others how to monetize their skill, you will have a product that will impart your expertise to others. For example: a product that teaches people “how to make money with copywriting”

Create A Business

Once you are able to combine all your products together and develop your very own system, you have a business running already.

The important thing to remember about a business is that you must have a holistic approach when it comes to business building.

Don’t just focus on your primary skill alone. Try and outsource other tasks to other people. For example, if your strength is in writing, your business must not only include writing but many other aspects such as graphics, tutorials and even a helpdesk to help you answer questions.

At the end of the day, you need a complete system to market your business.

Automating Your Business

If your business is taking up too much of your time, the best thing you can do is to try and automate your business by letting others run it for you.

Basically, you still maintain ownership of your business (and revenue, of course). But what you must do is to train up people who are capable of running the business for you. By the time your business is successful enough to be automated, you can hire people who are smarter than you to run it for you.

The tradeoff is that you have to pay them a lot of money, but the best thing you have is more free time. When you buy people’s time with your money, you effectively remove the shackles that your business has on your time, and you can use that time to invest into another business.

Remember the golden rule: Think BIG and think long term.