[Music] video number 12 social media monetization 
the great thing about social media is that it's   always changing and growing so whether you've 
been in the game for years or you're just   getting started there's always more to learn new 
trends engagement tactics and entire platforms   pop up every day so how can you utilize this ever 
changing landscape to make money for your business   monetization of short vertical videos social media 
monetization strategies can be more than sponsored   posts and affiliate links while yes those are 
perfectly good ways to monetize your content   there are ways to think outside of the box you 
want to make sure that if you're investing time   and creative resources making great content for 
social you're getting the most out of your posts   one video marketing instagram with short video 
see 10 times more engagement facebook users are   20 times more likely to share video with their 
followers than any other type of post pinterest   users are 2.6 times more likely to make a purchase 
after viewing brand video content two direct sales   striking the balance between interesting content 
and selling your products can be difficult   nearly three out of every four users 74 percent 
think there are too many ads on social media   and yet marketers said they expect spending on 
social media to increase by 89 percent by 2022   three lead generation social media content 
that is developed with the sales journey in   mind is the first step promoting webinars virtual 
events live streams and free resources to bring   followers to your website or landing pages is a 
great first step the key is adding value to your   potential customers experience four sponsorships 
sponsorships are a tried and true method to social   media monetization that have been around for ages 
in a good sponsorship deal the sponsor reaches   their target audience through genuine endorsement 
and the creator gets paid in return how to earn   from youtube shorts youtube says that the amount 
the creators can earn from shorts will depend on   viewership and engagement of their videos 
will ask creators to claim a bonus payment   on their channel's total short performance 
from the previous month creators of the us   uk brazil indonesia japan mexico india nigeria 
russia and south africa are eligible to earn money   via this fund youtube said that it has plans 
to expand eligibility to more countries soon   eligibility criteria to earn from youtube shorts 
fund one channels need to have uploaded at least   one eligible short in the last 180 days two 
the short video needs to be original content   videos reloaded from other creators channels will 
also not qualify for this fund three creators must   be the age of majority in their country how to 
make money on instagram reels in twenty twenty two   you already know the key point stay consistent 
it is very important for every person wanting to   be an influencer one day just make sure to stay 
connected with your audience one way or another   create sponsored content for brands give shout 
outs to other instagram accounts do affiliate   marketing to earn commissions make money with 
instagram reels bonuses create an e-commerce store   to sell products drive traffic to other platforms 
to earn money conclusion social media monetization   strategies can be more than sponsored posts and 
affiliate links well yes those are perfectly good   ways to monetize your content there are ways to 
think outside of the box you want to make sure   that if you're investing time and creative 
resources making great content for social   you're getting the most out of your posts thank 
you for watching see you in the next video lesson

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