[Music] video number 10 high engagement through 
vertical videos it used to be that posting   vertical video online was seen as shameful 
and unprofessional the sign of a true amateur   today it's how the majority of content on many 
social media channels is not only consumed   but also produced this of course means it's in 
your best interest to make vertical video a part   of your workflow in all steps of your creation 
process aspect ratios vertical video refers to   anything taller than a one to one aspect ratio 
for five two three and fully vertical one one   also known as nine sixteen are all taller than 
they are wide which works better for social media   or for being viewed vertically on mobile devices 
and tablets cropping horizontal footage can result   in very pixelated and low quality footage rule of 
thirds the rule of thirds is a photography rule   that says not to place the main subject directly 
in the center of the frame instead you can create   more dynamic and interesting compositions if you 
draw imaginary horizontal and vertical lines to   divide your frame into thirds and place your 
subject either on the lines or where the lines   meet up split the screen since your vertical frame 
is so tall you can try using it to creatively   stack multiple horizontal clips on top of each 
other these clips can be related in content   and look or they can actually be positioned to 
appear like there's a seamless blend between them   pace of side to side movement shaky camera 
movements are almost always unwanted and   distracting to people to watching a video since 
vertical video has so little screen real estate   on the sides it's especially important that 
you try to avoid moving the camera from side   to side too fast vary your angle and shot types 
filming vertically doesn't mean that everything   needs to be shot at arm's length and eye level do 
your best to mix up your shot length and camera   angles to make your videos more interesting and 
work within the frame to create something unique   get close to your subject one of the biggest 
positives to shooting with a vertical frame is   you can get closer to vertical friendly subjects 
creating a more intimate immersive experience   it gives video some headroom fill the vertical 
space there are creative ways to fill the vertical   space when the subject isn't quite a personal 
up close shot you can raise the camera up high   and tilt it down or you can get a bird's eye view 
from above your subject the ability to frame your   subject from below creating a more imposing or 
powerful shot conclusion figuring out how best   to frame your subject choosing subjects that work 
best vertically and actually knowing which aspect   ratios are considered vertical are just a few of 
the things to understand as you start your process   thank you for watching [Music] 
see you in the next video lesson

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