Rapt Media, a leader in interactive video technology,
was dealing with a common challenge most sales teams face — finding and pursuing high-quality
leads. Without a steady stream of leads filling their sales pipeline, customer acquisition
and revenue goals would be tough to meet. Their mission for Room 214: generate high quality leads and help sales run like a well-oiled
machine. To start, we began with a proprietary research process that combines a range of empirical
data with social listening. This revealed insights about customers, competitors, brand
positioning, and opportunities in the market as a whole. Next, we used those insights to create personas,
which help guide us in using the kind of information that would be valuable to potential buyers.
We then developed a multi-channel, lead-generation program. One of the key tactics was leveraging a
valuable Forrester report about Interactive Video, which offered excellent content in
exchange for information that filled the sales funnel.

Targeted messaging within ads, custom landing
pages, and follow-up emails were tracked in a marketing automation system so the campaign
could be quickly optimized as it ran. It's no wonder Rapt Media saw an increase in annual qualified leads by over 400%, saw
the pipeline significantly impact sales, and made the commitment to renewing business for
another year with Room 214. Are you ready to work with a team that can take your marketing to the next level? Contact
Room 214 today..

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