welcome back now once we have set our rewards we can then move on to the next section we're first going to save our campaign we're then going to click on sharing and actions what we're now going to do is we're going to give value to the activity of the individual that will be doing the sharing and so basically what you want to do is to think about how an individual is going to be able to get the points that you have set up for your incentive and or your grand prize and so what we're going to do is we're going to set different incentives for each social network we can also give the individual points for signing up to the campaign themselves we can give them additional points when someone signs up through their invite link and once we do that we're then going to click save now there are optional actions in this case we can click on show optional actions we can give an individual point if someone visits the opt-in page and what you want to do is make it so that an individual can reasonably reach all of the incentives with the actions that are going to be available to them and once you have all of your actions for clicks on the social share buttons as well as your assignments and referral you can then click save now we can set up points for doing custom actions and we're going to talk about that in the next video okay so with that thanks and i will see you in the next video

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