Lead Generation Masterclass - Campaign Set Up for Existing Subscribers Using Upviral

YouTube Transcription:

Welcome back now. Our ultimate goal is to get as many people sharing our campaign as possible. And inside of the published area, you’re going to see two panels here, and you’re going to be able to copy this link and share it inside of your existing network.

Risk-free 14-day trial to UpViral for only $1So, for example, if we click copy this link, the individual that clicks this link will see to beginning of our campaign they go to download the report, they’ll then be sent to the share page.

And it’s made easy for us to share to our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our LinkedIn account, and our Pinterest account. Now there may be individuals that are already part of our email marketing lists that we want to share the campaign also, because that will give us additional leverage to do that.

We’re going to click this share button using UpViral. What you’ll notice is that we have within this dialogue, all of our auto responders, and we’re going to be using our MailChimp autoresponder. In this case, we will, we can make it so that we can copy a link that we can place inside of our auto responder message.

The individuals that click it can share the message, even though they’re already part of our existing email marketing list, and this will allow your email subscribers to share in various ways, share on Facebook, share on LinkedIn, Twitter, and even in another email.

This is how you will involve existing subscribers inside of your campaign. Campaign Set Up for Existing Subscribers using UpViral. Okay. With that. Thanks. And I will see you in another video.

Lead Generation Masterclass - Campaign Set Up for Existing Subscribers (v17)

Risk-free 14-day trial to UpViral for only $1

https://www.horneisleproductions.com/blog/upviral-trial I recorded a “hands on”, workshop in front of a live audience, and covered easy and actionable strategies you can follow to make the platform work for you. In this video course, you’re going to learn how to use #UpViral as a lead generation asset.

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