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Banner Advertising Course #01 - Creating Banner Ads

Okay, guys, welcome to Module one.

In this module, our expert will be teaching you about creating banner ads.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in.

Alright, guys.

So we are inside of banner snack and this is what we’re going to create our AdWords banner ad.

Now there’s two options here.

Single banner and banners set Banner set is an incredibly useful tool that you need to be aware of.

It can really decrease the amount of time that you spend trying to customize all the different dimensions and sizes of banners.

You just grab your main elements so your main image and your headline and maybe a little bit more text, and then you create one ad and then it automatically creates all the rest of those ads and all the different dimensions The sidebar dimension, the header dimension, the perfect square dimension, the smaller, perfect square dimension.

You understand what I’m saying?

And all you do is you go through after its auto generated those and you click and drag things around a little bit.

It’s an incredibly useful tool now to keep things simple.

For the purpose of this lesson.

We’re just gonna make a single banner ad to use inside of the Google Display Network ads platform.

So let’s go with a standard large rectangle.

There’s a ton of great templates to work with.

And to start with, we’re gonna skip these.

Of course, there’s some seasonal ones here taking up most of the Q. We’re gonna go ahead and create our own.

So I’m gonna come over here to add image.

When I grab this image of a gal over here, put her right there.

We’re going to scale her a little bit, so she takes up a little bit less space.

There we go.

Almost perfect, Okay?

And that gives us a little bit of room for a headline above her.

Let’s add some text because of the size of the ad will just use the sub headline size, and we’re gonna say just for grins that we’re selling some type of a tooth whitening kit.

Okay, so let’s actually yeah, the word.

Overnight there, we’ll grab a larger headline text or put whiter teeth overnight and let’s give it a little bit color blue and some read wider teeth overnight.

Pretty straightforward.

Standard toothpaste ad these have not changed very much in the last 200 years or so.

I don’t think, Um let’s see, so everything dies here.

Okay, this is a good square banner.


We’ve got a smiling woman with white teeth.

We’ve got the headline Whiter teeth overnight and we would presumably be sending someone when they click on this to a landing page for a free trial kit or something like that if we were doing a loss leader thing, or we could send them directly to a sales page or an e commerce store or something along those lines so that we can get them into our funnel and offer them our solutions, I’m gonna go ahead and hit Save, and we’ll call this teeth 01 and let’s see, Let’s say it again.

And this time we’ll do is we’ll download the PNG.

So now we’ll come over here to Google AdWords and we are going to click on Let’s Go to Campaigns New campaign, and now we need to pick a goal for this campaign, which is what we’ll do in the next lesson.



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