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Another place you need CTAs is in email messages (call to action in email). If you don’t put calls to action in your email messages, then it’s likely they won’t do anything after reading your email. You need to give specific instructions to most people on what to do next after reading your message.

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• Purpose — No matter where your call to action goes, it’s important to understand your purpose for the CTA. What is it that you want the reader to do? What is the purpose for your CTA? Should it be just one reason, and should it solve just one problem for the reader?

• Design – In an email, you also have other considerations, such as, design. The fact is, studies show that text-based emails work better than fancy full on HTML designed emails. But there is a caveat on this, and that is your audience. If your audience is designers, they may prefer receiving beautifully designed emails rather than text-based ones.

• Placement – In general, you should place your CTA in more than one spot in the email to ensure that your audience sees it and goes to it. Put it under the first paragraph, and then again at the end of the email as well. Then, try different places for it depending on the design of your email.

• Content – The content is very important and should relate to your CTA in some way. In addition, email messages shouldn’t be very long. If you want to ensure that your reader spends the time to read the message, make it short and stick to one topic, one issue, one problem. Don’t try to go nuts addressing too many things in an email.

• Language – When you want someone to click on something or do something, it’s best to tell them exactly what to do in an email. “Click here to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything.” Or something like, “Get 60% off Right Now, click here”. If you use HTML designed emails, you can use a button without saying “click here”. But, if you’re using text-based emails, it might help to point out the place to click for them.

• Mobile-Friendly – Most people read their emails on their mobile devices. Therefore, your email should be made for use on a mobile device. This goes for your website as well. If they’re clicking through and cannot read what you’re offering, there is no point in them being on your site. Today, making a responsive website is easy if you’re using self-hosted WordPress and the right theme. Also, most autoresponders on the market today are mobile friendly, just double check so you know it works.

Finally, the best rule of thumb is one email, one CTA. You can place it in multiple places in the email, but you don’t want to confuse them by giving them too much to do in one email. If you have other offers, send separate emails for each offer.

Email Calls to Action (CTAs): creating call to action in email

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