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Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………. 1

Getting Your Head Right …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3

You Must Invest Time And Money …………………………………………………………………………………….. 7

Control Your Environment …………………………………………………………………………………….12

Make a Plan or Plan to Fail ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 16

Your Vision Is Your Motivation And Must Be Tracked ……………………………………………………… 21

Earn While You Learn……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 28

Expect Success But Anticipate Failure……………………………………………………………………………. 33

Genuinely Provide Value…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 38

Food And Gas For Your Journey…………………………………………………………………………………….. 45

Continuity Overdrive………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 49

Conclusions……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 53

6 FIGURE PLAN FOR NEWBIES – Check-list……………………………………………………………………. 56


Chapter 1

Introduction to 6 Figure Plan For Newbies

In this ebook, we’re going to go over something that I think is going to shock a few people. It definitely is going to give you a checkup from the neck up. As a matter of fact, I think some people might start to even dislike me – if that’s possible – as a result of this information, because I am going to tell it to you straight.

I’m going to teach you how to think like a business owner from the very beginning. I think that this is a very important and timely subject that no one else gives the appropriate attention to.  And the reason that I’m going to be very forthcoming with you, very upfront, is because I wish – I truly, truly wish – that someone had spoken about these things with me when I was just starting. It surely would’ve shaved a lot of time off of my learning curve and it would’ve gotten me doing the right thing a lot faster.

So as we jump into the key aspects of the 6 Figure Plan For Newbies,  it’s important for you to pay close attention to the mindset that you need to have and, again, if you’re somebody that gets insulted easily, well you know what? You might have a problem with this because I am not going to just be patting you on the head and telling you that “Everything’s going to be okay tomorrow. Don’t worry. You’ll be rich. Just buy this!”

No! I want to get you thinking like a business owner today, okay? So that means I might have to put my boot in your backside in order for you to start doing what you need to do.

This is the most real statement you’ll ever hear from an internet marketer.

Okay, so ladies it’s time to put your big girl panties on; and gentleman, it’s time to separate the men from the boys because it’s about to get real. Are you ready?

You don’t DESERVE anything and you’re NOT going to get rich overnight. I’m going to say that again. You don’t DESERVE anything and you’re NOT going to get rich overnight.

A lot of people have this entitlement mentality that they bring with them from their life experiences. They think that because “Well, I paid thirty-seven dollars for this eBook, so I DESERVE success.”

You don’t DESERVE squat. What you deserve is an OPPORTUNITY and you have one, because you have a computer in front of you and you have the ability to make money. It’s up to you to work your ass off.

Did that freak you out? Are you all upset? Do you want to stop reading?  It’s all up to you.

Chapter 2

Getting Your Head Right

Well, you know what? Stick around because you might learn something. As a matter of fact, the reality is that when you start building a business – any business, not just an internet business – the cards are stacked against you and you’re actually embarking on a mission to work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life.

But for some stupid reason, when people turn to the internet, they don’t realize that. They don’t think they have to work harder. They chose to ignore that. They think, “Well, I got this eBook and it’s on the internet, and people become millionaires on the internet, so this is going to be easy.”

Yeah, it said easy on the sales page and they think, “Well, I don’t have to work in order to make money.”

You’ve got a rude awakening coming to you.  I want to give you a six figure plan. I want to get you as a newbie thinking the way you need to think in order to achieve that six figure income that you are dreaming about. And that’s what I’m about to do in this book.

The first thing you’re going to need is to GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT. You need to start thinking like a business owner. You need to start thinking like someone that’s running a six figure company. You even need to start thinking like someone that wants to run a seven figure business.

Until you start thinking that way, you’re just a hobbyist and you’re just going to be making a “hobbyist-kind-of-money”.  And let me tell you something:

Hobbies don’t pay very well. This isn’t a hobby. You have to treat it with WAY MORE discipline than you would a regular job working for someone ELSE.

This is one of the biggest issues that I see with people that claim to be committed to their business. You know, they claim, “Yeah, Omar. I have conviction. Yeah, Omar. I’m dedicated. But I don’t work weekends, dude, because you know what? That’s for my kid. That’s where I got to have free time and go get my drink on.”

But, do you know what? This industry isn’t a hobby. And if you’re going to make money building your own business, you need to work harder at it than you do when you’re working for somebody else.

Let me ask you something. Every morning – if you’re a nine to five or a traditional business person or you work blue collar or whatever – so that you get up early you set your alarm, you get up, you take a shower, you have your breakfast, you get in your car, you drive to work, you do your job, you deal with people you don’t like to make money to buy things you can’t afford, right?

So you go through this process every day. You do what your boss says. You do your job. You work hard to keep that job. You have a schedule when you get to work. You have certain things you have to do by a certain time. You have to hand in this report at a certain time. You got to do this, by that time. You keep a schedule.

And when you’re done at five o’clock, you pack up your stuff, get in your car, you go back home. So what is that? You have discipline, right? But then you get home where you’re working for yourself, for you! The money comes in for YOU. You’re actually building your future.

And you have ZERO discipline. You turn on your computer, you’re watching TV while you’re working, stuffing your face. You could care less. You spend half the time on social media watching cat videos. You may watch a few minutes of a training video today, and you bitch to people about how you’re not making any money.  You go and troll some threads on Facebook, and then you go and watch some more TV, and then go to sleep and start all over again the next morning.

But you wonder, “Why is my business not becoming a reality or growing?” It’s because you’re not a business owner. If you’re not coming home and working harder on your own business than you do when you are working on your day job, then how could you ever expect to make more money from your business than you are at your job?

You’re treating your own business with a fraction of the respect that you are treating your job. You have more respect for your boss than you do for yourself because your actions show that you don’t really care about how you run your own business.

You don’t care about whether or not you have a schedule, whether or not you’re doing the things that you need to do on a daily basis that are going to lead to your success. And, you know what? Then you come home, and you only work for an hour and a half to two hours.

Let me tell you something, this is how I used to work. When I had my fulltime job and I was working ten hours as a Sales manager while I was building my business, I would get home at eleven o’clock at night. I would stuff some food down my throat and I’d sit at my computer, and I’d be at my computer until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning every single day. Every day learning. My eyes would be tearing. I’d have a Visine bottle next to my computer screen just so that I could get through the night.

And you know what? I would work so hard every single night. I’d be putting in at least six – maybe seven hours at the computer FOR ME. Working for me when I got home.  Yes, I would work ten to eleven hours at my regular job, then I would come home and work another six or seven hours for me. I would sleep five hours if that was what it took, and I’d get in my car and go do it all again the next day.

Yes, I cut in to my sleep time. Yes, I cut in to my family time. And that was what I was willing to do. I was willing to do what nobody else was willing to do. And that’s why today, I have what most people don’t have because back then I was willing to do what most people weren’t.

So what are you willing to do? If you’re not willing to work harder for yourself than you are for somebody else, then you’re not going to make more money for yourself than you are at your job.

So, see . . . it’s your mentality. You don’t have your head right.

Chapter 3

You Must Invest Time And Money

Running a business requires an investment of TIME and MONEY, so stop kidding yourself. Stop it. Look, if you’re under this false pretense like, “I’m going to get rich for doing nothing” or “I’m getting rich and I don’t have to invest a penny.” Stop it. Even the people that build business or claim they build businesses for free, they have expenses. They have hosting to pay, domains to pay, and there is no business owner in his right mind that would get into starting a business under the assumption that they wouldn’t have to invest TIME and MONEY.

That is the stupidest thought that you could have. And there is no IF, ANDs, or BUTs about it, you need to get that out of your head. If you’re building a business, and you’re going to build a significant life-changing income for yourself, you know what?  Then you have got to make some significant, life changing decisions about yourself first. Do you see where I am coming from? But maybe that’s not what you want right now. Maybe right now all you want is an extra five hundred bucks a month.

I get. I understand that. I’m not saying you want to make thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, but I’m saying you got to think like a business owner. And you have to realize that TIME and MONEY are an investment that you MUST do.

THERE IS NO MAGIC BUTTON that is going to replace the TIME and MONEY that you’re going to have to invest in your business. Period. There’s no secret button that the gurus are hiding on you. So you have to get you head right.

There’s a lot of money to be made on the internet. A lot. If you’re willing to think of it like a business, if you’re willing to invest TIME and MONEY into finding your groove, learning what you need to learn, developing the skills you need to have, and to really, really focusing those skills towards that vision and mission you have to develop.  Then you will be capable of breaking through the attitude barrier and really really making it on the net.

You need to stop bitching about information overload and shiny object syndrome. Stop it! YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM. I hear this all the time. People are like, “Omar, I just got information overload and shiny object syndrome. That’s why I’m not selling anything yet.“

So what! Are you a victim? Should we feel sorry for you? So, that’s why you’re not successful? Tell that to your kid when he needs a new pair of sneakers. Tell that to your freaking family when they need better health insurance. Tell that to them when your wife and your family need a vacation. They deserve one. And you don’t have the money to pay for it.

Tell them, “Well, it’s just information overload and shiny object syndrome.“

Stop! YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM. You’re a participant. If you have shiny object syndrome, you are choosing to participate in it. If you have information overload, you’re choosing to skip around and buying a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t need. You have to think like a marketER and not like the marketED.

You keep opening these emails that you’re getting from all these marketers because you’re on a hundred people’s list and you keep opening them and reading them and going to the Sales Page and then buying their stuff. So really all you are doing is putting money in their pockets and getting further and further away from achieving your dreams, your vision – your family’s future.

Let me give you some important advice right now! Why don’t you read those emails and learn from them? You know, dissect the marketing; dissect the message. Look at the time that it was sent. Look at the specific subject line. Look at how it builds on the last subject line they sent. Determine how many hours were there from the last time that they emailed.

Okay, well, what is he promoting? Why is he promoting this? And why is he promoting this particular product on a Tuesday? Why not that other one? There were two launches, why did he choose this one? Why does he have three links in his email instead of two?

So, can you see my point here? Are you looking at it like a marketer or are you just getting all excited to go buy something new because he promises you that you’re going to get rich with Amazon this week? Right?

You know, this is key stuff here – study what other marketers send you instead of buying in to everything.

You also have to create a work schedule for yourself. That’s a big one, isn’t it? You got to prepare a conducive work environment and you have to create a schedule for yourself.

Those people that are close to you have to understand the importance of what you’re doing and they have to respect your space.  Even though you are at home, you and they need to learn to allow you the time and space you need in order to focus and to keep your work schedule.

One way to do this is to get everyone at home to “buy into” your vision and mission.  Let everyone come together to understand and agree that your schedule and “work time and space” represents their future and by cooperating they are doing their part to help shape that future with you.

You know, I was very blessed, and I know that a lot of people don’t have this blessing in their lives. I was very blessed with a woman like no other. My wife, Melinda Martin, supports me in everything that I do. In everything that I do, she is there to support me. She is the rock. She is the anchor. And she would’ve supported me if I came to her eight years ago and said, “Honey, I want to spend our last five hundred dollars on a golfing course because I’m going to become a millionaire golfer.”

She would say, “Okay, honey. Let’s do it. What do you need from me?”

But I didn’t. I actually said, “Hey, I need to spend our last five hundred dollars on some internet marketing courses because I’m going to be a millionaire internet marketer.”

And she said, “Okay, honey. Awesome. What do you need from me?”

So, when you say to me, “Well, Anthony. You just don’t understand what it is like to have people in your life that don’t support you in your endeavors.”

Dude, you know what? That’s your issue. You need to fix that first, okay? If you’re coming over here and you’re thinking internet marketing is going to fix your respect issues with your wife, if you’re coming to internet marketing to try to make some money so that your wife will respect you, dude, you got it backwards. Okay?

You know, I don’t need to prove to your wife that internet marketing is legit. You need to prove to your wife that you’re legit. You know, the reality is that you’re going to have a hard time building a business if you’ve got to hide it from your wife.

I was on the phone with somebody recently. He said, “Omar, I am doing this consultation call with you. But I may have to hide because if my wife walks in, she’s going to get upset.”

I’m like, “What is she going to be upset about?”

“Oh, well, because, you know, I’m trying to build my business and she doesn’t believe that I can make money. She thinks I’m wasting my time.”

I can understand that. She’s trying to protect you, probably because you’ve let her down so many freaking time before. That’s your issue and you need to fix that.

The point that I’m making is that if you think that you’re going to be able to come home and spend seven hours at night or five hours at night or even three hours at night locked on a computer building a business while your wife is outside, not knowing what the hell you’re doing, you’re going to have a hard time.

Chapter 4

Control Your Environment

In my case, on the weekends, I was putting in like eighteen hours a day. If you were to add up the seven hours a day or six hours a day at night that I was putting during the week, that alone is thirty hours. But then on the weekends, I put in about another at least twelve to sixteen hours each day. I was putting in over fifty to sixty hours per week, for at least the first year – get that! – for at least the first year of building my business.

And I remember reading all those stories that inspired me – stories about Steve Jobs when he was building Apple, sleeping under his desk. You know, I remember the stories of sacrifice from Bill Gates when he was building his company. Those are stories that I found motivation in it. And I compared them to myself, and I was like, wow! When I was tired and when I was just plain fed up —  I would remember those stories, and I’m like, “Man, it’s going to be so awesome when we have a seven figure business, when I can say I’m a freaking millionaire.

It’s going to be so awesome and it’s going to make all of this worth it. But I’m going to tell you this right now. If you’re fighting your spouse in order to get there, if you’re waiting to get there so that your spouse can stop fighting you, you’re doing it wrong. You’ve got things to work on, you do not have a


Imagine if you went every single day to your day job, where you’re getting paid to do a job, and there were people bitching at you all day about it – well, usually it’s ok because it’s a job, right? But imagine if you had people preventing you from doing your work at your job, you couldn’t do it. You’d be pissed off wouldn’t you? You’d go to your boss, and say, “Hey, you got to take care of this, I can’t get my work done for you like this?”

Well, you know what? You are the boss! So at home, if someone is preventing you from doing your job and building your business, you have to take care of that. You’ve have to take care of that first. And maybe this isn’t what you want to hear, but sometimes it’s what we don’t want to hear that we NEED to hear to break through the barriers that are going to make us successful.

And I much rather sit here and tell you what I wish I would’ve been told in the beginning, than to fill your head up with a bunch of bullshit that’s going to make you think that you’re going to get rich. It’s going to make you think that it’s just going to happen for you. That you just need to wait.

Okay, so let’s say that you bought Internet Marketing Tutorials (my premium membership full of marketing training and tools) from my store, and you’re a member now. And let’s just say, that I was to tell you –  “okay now, just wait”. “Just wait because the money is going to come. Just wait. Just keep waiting, and in the process, buy this too, because this is going to help you wait. It’s going to help you pass the time while you wait”.  That’s what happens many times when you get products from marketers.

But, I’m not going to do that to you.  I am committed to telling you the things you need to hear, straight up front because I truly want you to succeed.

Next, be sure to remove all negativity. Be a sponge and model someone else’s success and successful people. So many people don’t do this. Don’t be one of those people. You know like, if you’ve got a next-door neighbor that’s telling you how you’ll never make money on the internet, then you need to stop talking to that next-door neighbor. You need to stop hanging out with that next-door neighbor, okay? Because he’s trying to protect you.

A lot of people make this mistake, as well. They go to the plumber for cardiac advice. Let me ask you something: If you were having chest pains right now, God forbid. Chest pains and shortness of breath. Who would you call?

Would you call a Roto Rooter, the plumber? Would you call a carpenter? No! You’d freaking call 911.

So you’re building a seven figure company, but you’re going to your next-door neighbor who works at Costco for advice or to share your experience? What do you think he’s going to say? He can only respond to you based on his own experiences. Is he already financially set? Or is he still plugged into “the rat race”?

It’s just as if you were going to the plumber for cardiac advice. He can’t fathom the possibility of ever having a million-dollar business because he’s more broke than you are! You can’t go to a broke person for a million dollar support, okay? If you have a million dollar idea and you go share that with your next-door neighbor Jerry, chances are Jerry’s going to shoot your idea down. He’s going to give you ten reasons why that won’t work instead of agreeing with that one that MIGHT.

But if you take that same idea to a millionaire, a successful person, a business owner, you’re going to get encouragement because that person understands hard work and possibility. Do you understand me?

So, be careful of who are you surrounding yourself with. Remove negativity and become a sponge to success. Model your success. Get around people that are successful. You’re not going to revolutionize the internet. I don’t care how good you are or whatever it is you do full-time now, you are not going to get onto the internet with your first product and change the internet landscape.

It’s not going to happen. So stop thinking that it is. This is going to be slow and steady — This is a marathon. It is not a sprint. You’re in this for the long hall. You’re building a business. No business opens its doors and on Day 1 that guy retires. It doesn’t freaking happen that way. You’ve got to prepare for the long hall.

So the first step in your 6 figure blueprint is for you to get your head right and be prepared to invest time and money.

Chapter 5

Make a Plan or Plan to Fail

Now let’s talk about a plan. You’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to

FORMULATE A PLAN and you’ve got to BUILD A BUDGET, okay?

Reverse engineer that plan. This is exactly what a lot of people don’t do.

The way that you create a business plan is you start with the destination and you work your way back. Draw it out like a timeline and make it realistic. To say, “I’m going to make a million dollars this year on the internet. Yeah.”

That’s dumb. Don’t do that. That’s not realistic. It’s not accurate. It’s not specific. As matter of fact, there’s an acronym: SMART. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.  I’m going to give you a couple of links at the end of this book to help you understand how to develop SMART goals.

For you to say, “I’m just going to make a million dollars this year without a plan, without any kind of direction, you know.” It’s unrealistic.

So you want to draw it out like a timeline in reverse. A lot of people, they just start, trying to make money online for the purpose of trying to make money online. They start to grow a business for the purpose of growing a business. They have no freaking idea.

They just heard somewhere that they can make money on the internet, so they sat down on the computer and they just start buying products one day. Then somehow they just stumble on an internet marketing product or an eBook, and the next thing you know they call themselves marketers and entrepreneurs and business owners, and they’re not.

And they have no vision. They have no mission. They don’t have a mission statement for their business. They don’t have a purpose for existence. They don’t have a company. It doesn’t have a purpose for existence. They’re simply building for the purpose of growth. And growth, for the purpose of growth, is the ideology of the cancer cell. It only ends up killing the host.

I hear people all the time say something like, “Omar, I’m trying to build my list. And I don’t know if I’m using the right squeeze page or should I get this solo ad because I said…“  And I quickly cut them off right there and say, “Okay, why are you building the list?” And they say, “Look, because I got to have a list”. And again, I ask “Why?” “Because I…“ they start to say.

And I answer . . . “Because you don’t freaking know. Because you have no freaking clue of what you’re doing. Somewhere, somehow you heard that you need to build a list and you thought that that’s what you have to do. Well, you’re building a list for the sake of building a list with no purpose, with no reason”.

Let me tell you something important. Most people start out building byproducts. A list is something that’s automatically a byproduct of a business. A list is something that comes when you have products that you’ve sold. You have a customer list. You have a prospect list. They happen by default in the process of building a business.

A business does not happen by default, in the process of building a list. You’ve got to get your act together. You’ve got to put the cart behind the horse. That’s what a lot of people fail to do, because they have no mission, they have no plan, they haven’t drawn it out, they are just sitting down, trying to make a couple of pennies.

And you know what the worst that can happen is? They might make a couple of pennies. And that encourages them to keep stringing themselves along in the dark, so to speak. I’ve seen those guys all excited saying like, “Hey, guys. I made five hundred dollars. Yeah.”

But what happens next?  They get stuck there.  They keep trying to do the same things that got them that first five hundred dollars and they can’t get any further, but they are encouraged to keep going because they did make some money once and hey, now they know it really works.

Don’t be like that.  Don’t let the quick riches fool you into a hamster wheel existence. Do it right from the beginning.  Yes, I want you to succeed. And here is how . .  .

Research the tools and the skills that you’re going to need to get where you want to go. You have to do some research, actually a lot of research. Once you have reversed engineered your PLAN for your activities and financially where you want to be, what you want to do, some benchmarks, the “I want to have this much by this month; I want to have that much by that month, “I want to have built this,” “I want to have this amount of followers,” “I want to have this,” you know, once you’ve got a plan, we’ve got something to look at and strive towards, to actually achieve.

It might be a great plan, and you’re going to want to share that with some of those people, those positive business owners you’ve been getting around. But my point is that you now have something to go on, alright? And the thing that’s important is that you research what it’s going to take to get you to those milestones along the way.

And you make a budget to acquire those things. Some of those things are physical things. You might actually need tools, you might need a computer; maybe you need some other things. A lot of people don’t know this, but when I built my business, I was building my business and my monitor broke. I didn’t have a computer monitor. Man, it sucked. And I didn’t have a smart phone at that time, so I couldn’t use that.

And it just so happened that two days after my monitor broke and I was trying to save up. I was waiting for the next paycheck, so I could get a new computer monitor. Just around that time, I was coming home and saw that my neighbor from up the block had put out a computer monitor on the side of the road that was used for the garbage.

And I was like, “Oh, my God! I need that freaking monitor.” I was like about so embarrassed though, “How the hell am I going to get this thing? Oh, my God. I’m going to wait until it gets dark. I’ll wait until it’s dark and then I’m going to walk over there and grab that freaking monitor.” It was this huge CRT monitor. I think it weighed 80 pounds. And I’m like, “I’m going to grab that monitor and I’m going use it” and of course, you know what happened.

As soon as I get in the house, I told Melinda. I was so excited. I was like, “Hey, hey Mel, the neighbor threw out a monitor. I’m going to go grab that monitor.” And just then it starts raining. It starts freaking raining. I’m like, “Oh, shit. I can’t wait until night time now. I got to go over there and get it right now.”

So I went and grabbed that monitor and I started bringing it in. And I guess the water did a little bit of damage whenever I plugged the thing in, because half of the monitor had this strange color, like half of the screen was pink and other half of the screen had a regular color. So most of my graphics in the beginning came out very pink and reddish, and that was because of what I saw on that monitor.

So my point is that there’s going to be tools that you’re going to need. Some of them are going to be physical. Some of them are going to be educational. Some of them are going to be digital tools. You might need an eBook, you might need software you might need certain things that you’re going to need to use in the process of building your business.

And you got to write those down in the very beginning. You’ve got to have a good plan of what it is you’re going to need. Because if you are three months into your timeline, into your plan, and now all of a sudden you realize, “Holy cow. I need a six hundred dollar piece of software. I need to buy the Photoshop suite because that’s part of what I need. But I didn’t budget for this. I don’t have this money. It’s going to take me three weeks or four weeks to put together six hundred bucks. My wife is going to kill me because I’ve got to prove to her that I need this.“

You see what I mean? So you’re going to run into those kinds of problems and those problems can stop you right in your tracks. So in order to avoid those problems, it’s important that you research the tools and the skills that you’re going to need to get where you’re going to go.

And you’ve got to go and you’ve got to WRITE IT ALL DOWN. You need to know what it is you have to buy; you need to know what it is you have to learn, okay? So the only way that you’re going to be able to make that list of things that you need to buy is if you’ve made a plan.

Chapter 6

Your Vision Is Your Motivation And Must Be Tracked

In the process of making a plan, in formulating a plan, you have to have a business idea. You have to have a direction. You have to have a niche. You have to do these things. You can’t just jump in and just like, “Oh, I’m going to buy this freaking product and then I’m going to start doing that.” You have to have a plan.

And I’m going to talk to you about products that you should buy in the process but in a little bit. But first, one of the things that is important to consider as you are planning, and you are budgeting is: How much money do I need to get in order to educate myself and assemble all my tools?

Okay, so for example, I wanted to become a Paramedic. You, guys, know that if you have been following me for a while. I went to medical school. I didn’t finish. I dropped out thirteen credits short of my doctorate. I was a physician’s assistant. I did that for awhile and then I was paramedical. That took a lot of medical training. I went to school for nine years, and even went to Grad School.

Anyway, my point is that I knew before I went to med school, I knew how much a paramedic made and I knew that I was going to make a lot more money than an EMT. I also knew that I was going to have to get myself through four years of college to begin with. I also knew that I was going to have to put together this tuition.

Plus I knew that I would have to sign up for a student loan. And that I was going to have to take all these stupid, ridiculous classes in literature and stuff that have absolutely nothing to do with medicine, just because the whole college educational system is so corrupt.

But my point is that I knew the amount of money that I was going to have to raise in order to pay for my education, so I could eventually have that career, and so that I could be making that twenty dollars an hour plus, because at that time twenty dollars an hour was a lot of money. Minimum wage at that time was about five bucks.

So Paramedics were making twenty dollars an hour – that was huge, right? So they make a lot more now, but again my point is that I had to formulate a plan and a budget. And I went and I tried to apply for financial aid but I didn’t qualify. However I did get a student loan that I was going to have to pay back.

But the student loan didn’t cover everything, so I was going to need a certain amount of money per week. And I calculated what that was. So then I had to go, okay, well, how am I going to generate the weekly money that I’m going to need to get me through school? And that’s when I took up DJ-ing.

Do you see what happens here? I had formulated a plan based on, that my end goal was that I wanted to become a Paramedic so I could start making twenty bucks an hour, and in order to do that, I’m had to go through this course. This course was going to cost me a hundred and twenty thousand dollars and, you know, I can get a student loan for X amount of it, but the other thirty thousand or whatever it is, I’m going to have to pay myself, so how am I going to do that? And, I have to pay for every semester in advance.

So I started working. I started reverse engineering how much money I was going to need. That’s how an adult thinks when they’re planning their life, when they’re budgeting. But for some reasons, many people throw this common sense out the window when they sit down to build their business. You have got to consider how much working capital you need to raise in order to get you through your plan.

There’s different types of capital. There’s investment capital, there’s working capital, and you need to consider both of these things in order to get through it; because if not, you’re going to hit a hard spot. You’re going to hit a rough patch in your business where you need tools. You don’t have the training that you need and you’re stuck, and you don’t have the money to make it happen. So now you get all discouraged and it just starts this never-ending, downward spiral for you. But you can prevent that.  Anticipate it.

Create a budget for financing your entire operation and come up with a method to raise the money if you don’t already have it.

A lot of people turn to me and say, “Well, Omar. I want to make five hundred dollars this month from the internet, how do I do it?”

Well, there are a lot of ways to make five hundred dollars this month from the internet. My next question to them would be: “Well, what are you an expert at? What knowledge do you have? What skill are you good at?”

“Oh, no. I’m brand new. I’m a newbie.”

So, where the hell did you pull this five hundred dollar profit number from? Out of the air? Most businesses don’t turn a profit for five years. You want to do it by the end of this month without knowing anything? Did you realize you’ve just decided that you’re going to do business and you’re going to build a career in the most rapidly changing and fastest growing industry in the history of planet Earth?

Nothing compares to the speed at which the internet has been evolving. Nothing, not even the printing press in the Industrial Revolution. They all pale in comparison to the communication boom that the internet has caused. And that’s where you’ve chosen to work. But you assume that, with zero expertise, you should make five hundred dollars this month, minimum, in this ever-changing industry? Come on, now.

You need to create a budget that is going to finance your operation. And then you have to come up with a method to raise that money if you don’t already have it. Meaning, you might need to save some money from your job, or you might need to sell something, or you might need to, find another out of the box thinking way to do it.  You know, when I first turned to the internet it was because I didn’t have money for Christmas presents and I started on eBay. I had to sell all the stuff that was in my garage just to raise some money.

So I don’t know what that sacrifice is going to be for you if you’re starting with zero. But the assumption that you could build a seven figure business with zero is a pretty silly one to make.

You need to start thinking like, “how am I going to finance my plan, my operation, how am I going to get my tools, how am I going to get what I need, to do what I’m going to be doing?” People that buy a business, people that build a business, the traditional brick and mortar business, a storefront, they hire employees, they go out, they get a business loan. Have you heard that term – a business loan?

For example, if you want to open a McDonald’s tomorrow, you’re going to have to pay one million dollars just to get a franchise, then you’re going to have to hire people, buy stocks and supplies, then you’re going to have go to Hamburger University – if there’s actually such a thing, where they will teach you how to run a McDonald’s.

So just to get in the door, you’ve got to borrow a million dollars to buy into the franchise. This is the kind of thing that business owners do – they borrow money, they borrow capital, they get investors.

You don’t necessarily have to do it that way. The internet provides a really, really great opportunity where you’re not going to have the overhead, where you can actually skip a lot of that traditional brick and mortar headache.

But it does not include skipping the need for the TIME and MONEY investment. It’s just ridiculous to think that it would.

Now, you also must have a system for tracking your progress.  A plan and a goal is only as good as how well you are able to go and look at the progress in retrospect. If you just create a plan, but you never go back and check if you hit it or not, or where you went wrong if you didn’t, then the plan was pointless, okay?

Let’s look at this analogy. There are four things required for every single journey; every single journey requires four things. You need to have a START point and an END point.

A lot of people, they start on a journey and then they don’t have an END point. They have no place that they’re going; they don’t have a distinct, clearly defined destination. And because they don’t, they just end up driving around aimlessly?

So you have to have a clear distinct destination and you have to have a cleaner distinct START point. The START point is usually a prompt; it’s where you are now, right? But you have to have a START point and END point, and then there are two things that you need to get from that START point to that END point. Those two things are a vehicle and a map.

If you are missing one of those things, then you’re, again, just driving around aimlessly. If you have the map but you don’t have the vehicle, then you can’t get there. If you have the vehicle but you don’t have a map, you’re just going to drive around and waste gas until you ran out of gas.

All four of these things need to be present. And that map is really, really important. That system for tracking your progress, a white board, a planner; I use cloud based software called Asana. It is a free tool that helps you track your tasks and put deadlines and times and stuffs like that. It’s really, really cool.

Consider an accountability partner to check up on you and see if you’ve gotten results. You know, even a pilot needs co-pilot, a navigator, to check and make sure we’re on track.

So my point is that your plan is your map, and if you didn’t get to the destination, if you get lost, if you’re on the way somewhere, and you’re driving, and you get lost, what do you do if you don’t get to where you’re going after a certain amount of time has passed? If you know that it’s supposed to take about an hour to get here, and so it has been an hour and a half and you’re not there yet, a natural course of action is “Okay, let’s go look at the map. Where did we go wrong?”

So many people don’t do that. They make this plan and then two years later like, “Yeah, I’ve been doing internet marketing for two years but I made no money.”

“Wait a second. You never made a plan.” I would observe.

“Yeah, yeah. I did make a plan. I did make a plan.” you could assert.

Then, I would have to tell you that “No, you freaking didn’t. You didn’t keep it. You didn’t go track your progress. You didn’t go see where you went wrong.”

And you might say, “Oh, well, yeah. That’s rough, because it’s a shiny object syndrome.”

Chapter 7

Earn While You Learn

A lot of people dismiss the need for working capital. So that’s what I’m going to talk about here. Working capital, cash flow.

Your business plan has to incorporate a cash flow system that’s going to incorporate your long term goals. Let’s assume you’re on a long trip, right? If you’re going to get in a car, even if you have those four things – if you have that vehicle, if you have that map, if you have that START point, your END point; if that END point is California and you’re starting off in New York, well, there’s something that you need to consider. It’s called gas. It’s called food. It’s a road trip and there’s going to be expenses along the way.

If you don’t have any money, and you’re embarking on this trip, then you better have some sort of cash flow system in place because if you haven’t thought of that, you’re going to end up stranded.

This is the same exact thing that you need to think about when you’re creating your business plan. You need to have a way that you’re going to earn while you’re learning. So if you just set off on this car ride to California and you know that you don’t have money, well you better take some stuff with you to sell along the way, so you could pull over to a gas station and sell stuffed animals or whatever you’d have to do this.

And this is why it’s such a good story because I actually did that. I’d set off on a trip without any money and I had a bunch of stuff in my trunk and I got off on rest stops and sold things in order to put enough gas in the tank to get where I was going and buy a bag of potato chips and whatever I needed to get where I was going. And this is called a Cash Flow System. This is called a way to generate cash flow that’s going to facilitate your long term goal, your long term journey.

Most business close down due to lack of cash flow. It’s not because they have a bad idea. It’s not even because they have a bad business plan. It’s just because they didn’t have the money to facilitate the entire thing. They ran out of money. They overspent. They mismanaged their money. They didn’t close their business because of money; they close it because of lack of money.

Think of cash flow like an “online job” that produces spending money for your business endeavor. This online job CAN NOT dominate your online time. This is why you need a schedule. This is why you need to have discipline when you’re working online.

Because when you get home from your day job, and you start to put in your six hours for “my job”, “my business,” you’re going to wear many hats in that six hours because you are your customer service department. You are your research department. You are your development team. You are everything. And you need to have a certain amount of time that you dedicate every single day to each one of those departments. If you’re not, then you’re only kidding yourself. You’re not running a business.  You’re playing around.

You have to dedicate time to each one of those things. And part of that time is going to be dedicated to cash flow. For example, say that I need to dedicate a certain amount of time each day or weekly to all those activities. If I’m going to work six hours today, I’m going to schedule an hour and a half or two hours to cash flow for my “online job” – maybe for Fiver gigs, maybe doing stuff as providing a service on oDesk, maybe to doing anything that’s going to bring in twenty to thirty bucks today, or whatever, because that money is money that I’m not touching.

It has nothing to do with the money that I make at my day job that my wife sees. I’m not going to touch that money because that’s only going to piss off my wife who already is unhappy that I’m spending all this time in this freaking room.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to be a man, I’m going to pick up my skirt, and I’m going to do what it takes to make some extra cash, even it’s twenty or thirty bucks a day, even if it’s ten dollars, even if it’s five dollars a day. Five dollars a day by the end of the week, is twenty five bucks at the end of the month, and then you would have a hundred bucks, so you can buy yourself Screen Flow, and that’s the latest, most advanced video recording software for you Mac.

So don’t tell me that doing a Fiver gig a day isn’t worth it. Don’t tell me that it’s beneath you because I built a million dollar business, nobody handed it to me, and I’m telling you what you need to do. So humble yourself, tough guy, bring yourself to where you need to be in order to do what you have to do, in order to make the money you need to make that’s going to facilitate that long term plan that’s going to provide all the dreams and future for your family.

Think of cash flow like an “online job” that you do for an hour or two every single day. What do you fill that with? I don’t know. Maybe affiliate marketing, maybe Fiver gigs, maybe you’re good at making graphics.

It’s going to depend on the individual. I don’t have that answer for you. It’s going to depend on you. What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What can you get good at online quick? Maybe that’s going to be one of the first things you need to learn.

But the point is that this job can’t dominate your online time because if all you’re doing is spending your six hours a day doing Fiver gigs then all you’ve done is add a second job to the first one that you had. That means that you’re not really working towards that goal, towards that timeline that you create, okay? So it’s important that you keep that in mind.

You have to learn a couple of things in this phase. While you’re earning and learning in the beginning, you’ve got to learn a couple of things. You’ve got to find a way to learn to successfully promote products as an affiliate. And this is important during the growth phase of your business.

There are many good trainings on affiliate marketing, especially inside My Internet Marketing Training Facility, so we won’t deal with those specifics here.  Just remember, affiliate marketing is a very important facet to this phase of your business development.

Now, I’m going to push forward the next phase here which is “Traffic,” learning to drive traffic.

Some critical skills that I learned right in the beginning were how to promote products and learning to drive traffic. Right in the beginning of my internet marketing career, as part of my “online job,” I learned to do these things. And learning to do these things, becoming an expert in these things, has served me very well through every stage of building our company.

Learning to successfully promote products as an affiliate, I mean by identifying a good product to promote and, again, usually when I say things like this, this is when all the whiners come, “Omar, I don’t have a list.”  This is when they all come out screaming, because I say something like, “Learn to successfully promote products.” They start looking and whining, complaining about what they don’t have rather than gathering up what they need and focusing on what they should be doing.

You need to focus on ways to promote products as an affiliate, promote products on social media, how to run ads, how to get free traffic, how to create YouTube videos that are going to attract certain key words and get your affiliate link in front of people.

These little tasks, these little things that you are doing are also teaching you very valuable skills, methods, and tactics, and exposing you to the software, tools, and websites that you’re going to need. They’re going to prove themselves that they’re very, very valuable to you along the way.

Those are two skills in the beginning. Driving traffic which, by that I really mean deviating traffic or originating clicks. A lot of people think that this traffic is just something that you literally have to drive and it isn’t. Traffic already exists. It’s already there.

“Driving traffic” is probably really bad vernacular for “deviating people”. So, again, you’re like the billboard on the existing road of traffic and your job is to locate that “billboard” in an existing flow of traffic in the form of a good high converting “landing page”. Meaning, it has words on it that’s going to captivate and make people pull over and get people in front of what it is you’re trying to show them.

Chapter 8

Expect Success But Anticipate Failure

Here’s something that I want you to keep in mind in the process of earning while you’re learning, in that learning phase, in that beginning, in that capital raising, in that fund raising portion of your business; in the beginning. Expect success but anticipate failure.

This is what’s going to give you strong recovery and rapid growth. You’ve got to go into this thing, expecting success. And what I mean by expecting success is that when I started doing this, I knew that I was going to succeed at it like anything else that I’ve done in my life. I knew I was going to succeed at it because I was either going to succeed or I was going to die in the process.

I was going to keep at it, and keep at it. Nobody was ever going to come along and convince me that this is something that I should not be doing. So I expected success but I also anticipated falling flat on my freaking face because I had no idea what I was about to do.

So I expected success but I anticipated failure just like riding a bike. When you get on that bike, you expect that you’re going to learn how to ride a bike.

“I’m going to learn how to ride this damn bike. I don’t know if it’s going to take me a day or a week, but I’m going to learn how to ride it and I’m going to anticipate I’m going to have a couple falls – I’m probably going to have some bumps and bruises. I’m probably going to scrape a knee. I might scrape them both.”

I’m going to anticipate failures. When you expect success but anticipate failure, then you’re going to have a very strong recovery when needed and you’re going to look at those things and quickly dismiss your failures and focus on strengths. You’re going to have rapid growth.

If you reverse these two things, you’re going to fail. So if you anticipate success but expect failure, guess what? You’re doomed! So make sure that you’ve got the right mindset. Again, it comes back to that mindset that in the beginning that we were talking about.

So you’re working on raising your capital and everything. Here’s the next big thing that you need to be doing as part of your daily tasks. You need to establish PRESENCE. You need to establish BRAND.

You have to become a social butterfly and I am still in shock at how many people don’t know how to use social media. They think it’s a toy. I’m shocked at how many people that are internet marketers or students or even, you know professional people, and they send me requests to play games.

You think I have time to build a freaking farm on Facebook? Are you kidding me? That’s what you’re doing when you’re sitting in front of your Facebook –and you’re playing games, you’re posting pictures of cats? Do you see me do that?

That’s why I don’t want people doing exactly what I’m doing everyday because I already have a seven figure company. If you offered to pay me ten thousand dollars to come to my house and see what I do everyday, I would tell you “No. I won’t take your money because I am going to destroy your future. You’re going to see me take a nap in the middle of the day. The worst thing that you could possibly do is to try and emulate my exact work ethic NOW, because unfortunately I’ve taken my foot off the gas; because I’ve already built a freaking business and I’m sure you will too when you’ve built your business, as well.

But my point is that you need to be using social media properly. You need to be actually socializing and building those business relationships and meetings of joint venture partnerships that are going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for you in the future.

I built those relationships, man. I remember my first forum that I signed up for. The second forum that I signed up for was the “Warrior” forum. The first one I signed up for, doesn’t even exist anymore, and was called the Planet SMS forum.

In that forum I met Dave Nicholson, who went by the name of Slick – that was the name of his forum personality. I became friends with John Thornhill on that forum. I met Paula Brett, Dan Thomson; I met a number of people that have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars for me and that I’ve created products with. And I met those friends on social media.

I established my presence. I went into these groups and I introduced myself, and I commented on posts, and I interjected, and I became a social butterfly. You know the premise with internet marketers today? They focus too much on the internet part and not enough on the marketing part.

Just because it’s internet marketing you think, “Well, I need to become an expert at everything that has to do with the internet. I have to be the best site builder, I have to be good at graphics, I have to be good at driving traffics and all that.”  No. What you need to be awesome at is marketing because all that other stuff you can outsource. All that other stuff is secondary to your marketing, to your PRESENCE, to the BRAND.

What is marketing?  A lot of people don’t understand this, the difference between MARKETING and SELLING. Selling is the exchange of money for goods. MARKETING is the raising of awareness. Marketing yourself is building your BRAND; establishing your PRESENCE. You start doing that from the first day that you plug in your computer to the electrical socket in the wall. You need to be marketing yourself.

You need to be all over social media. And what I mean by that is your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram, everything, all of it should be the same color background, the same logo, you should be using the same avatar across all of them.

Why? And why should you not have a picture of some stupid cartoon or of your dog or something like that as your avatar? Because you’re not branding that cartoon; you’re branding ‘you.’

Let me tell you this big secret. Today, social media is where your customers are. Your customer lives on Facebook. Everybody carries Facebook around on their hip. That’s where your buyers are. It’s also where your future partners are.

Establishing a PRESENCE and building a BRAND is of paramount importance across all the social media sites. Consistency is the most important way to build a brand. You have to keep putting that message in front of their face over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. That logo has to come in front of their face over and over and over and over and over again.

If you’re BRANDING yourself, that same picture (pick a good one), it’s got to be branding– And it cracks me up when people have cartoons of themselves. And today they have one, tomorrow they have another, the day after they have another; constantly changing their profile picture, constantly changing their avatars.

Your PRESENCE! It’s not established. How can I get to know you if every time I see you, you’re wearing a different mask? You need to be all over social media. And you need to establish your PRESENCE. Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So make a good one.

And you know what? When we’re using social media, understand the purpose why you’re doing it. You’re building a stadium. You need to build a stadium that’s going to eventually house all of your people.

You need to build a stadium, so you have a place to gather all of your people. And in this place, you control the podium. You speak from the platform and you are the revered expert.

Here’s the thing. You’ve got to earn that reverence through value. EARN REVERENCE THROUGH VALUE. You’ve got to provide value out there and those are going to be tripwires, value that you put out there in the process of establishing your PRESENCE and building your BRAND.

There’s going to be things like videos. As you’re learning something new, make a video about it. As you just discovered something on some website, share it on Facebook. You should be doing this daily. You should be establishing a PRESENCE daily. You should be shaking hands and sharing value, daily.

Chapter 9

Genuinely Provide Value

That value that you provide is going to turn into reverence and trust from others. And, eventually, when you invite those people to the stadium that you’ve built with just any place that will collect an audience for you – a Facebook group, a forum, a list, an AWeber, anything – you’re going to have that platform to speak from. You’re going to be revered. You’re going to be the expert, the authority figure.

Why? Because you earned it through providing value, tips, tricks, information. You establish that connection through consistency. You always look the same every time they turn on their Facebook. They saw your avatar because you click the Like button on something that they posted, or you commented and had some smart statement, or you shared a valuable resource with them.

So you’re building this stadium and then you’re going to attract your audience into that stadium by using lead magnets. You’re going to place breadcrumb trails all over the freaking place and you’re going to lead your followers to their specific seat in your stadium. You’re doing all of this while you’re raising your capital, while you have your “online job” that you’re doing a couple of hours a day to raise money and raise capital.

You’re also spending an hour or two establishing a PRESENCE and building a BRAND. You’re doing those things while you’re either creating a product or working on your long term business. You’re managing your TIME and you’re working for yourself SMARTLY and you’re keeping track of your progress. You’re doing this on Asana, on a whiteboard, or some sort of a daily planner because you’re a business owner now.

You’re not just some kid trying to make an extra freaking couple bucks out of ringtones. You’re trying to retire yourself. You’re trying to make life-changing money and walking in your boss’s office one day and tell them to screw off.

There’s LOTS of stuff that you can sell people when you got them in your stadium because they’re listening to you now, because they trust you. The way that you get them into your stadium, when that stadium could be your blog, it could be some digital place where you can gather people, you place these valuable little breadcrumb trails out there.

Let’s say that you’re in a group of people that are having a particular challenge with “list building” for instance, and that happens to be something that you’re interested in. So you go and you figure out their problem. And then you come and you bring the solution to them. Now they revere you because you went out and fixed the problem. You went and put the solution right in front of them.

Now they’ve become followers of you. They click the Like button. They add themselves to your Subscriber list. Now you can speak to them with reverence. You can speak to them through your podium. Do you understand what’s happening here?

Surround yourself with like minded individuals in your niche. So far, we’ve been talking about building a stadium and attracting an audience. We have referred more to prospects, have referred more to people that will eventually pay you money for the things you know and learn and you’re willing to sell them.

But you simultaneously need to be surrounding yourself with like minded people in your niche that are your peers. That are professionals, that are making money doing something that you want to be doing.

You need to join JV groups on Facebook, and on Skype. Remember, we are hunter-gatherers by nature. We love to be in groups. So anything that you are trying to accomplish, any segment of information, any segment of people that you are trying to penetrate, I assure you they are gathered somewhere. It’s just up to you to find them.

So if you’re trying to find affiliates that will promote your product in the list building group for example, then I assure you that there’s a group of affiliates out there that focuses on promoting products that have to do with list building. And it’s just up to you to find them.

JV groups – you need to get in there even from the very beginning. Get into the ones that you can get in to. If you’re not getting invited into any, then join the ones that you can join for free. Make some friends in there so that you’ve eventually get invited into the ones that you can’t get into now. Don’t complain about the JV groups that you’re not invited into, the ones that you can’t get in to YET. Get into the ones that you can and, build friendships with the people that you can right now.

Let me tell you. When I was building my business, I remember becoming really good friends with Chris Minory. Chris and I would work with our Skypes on. I would be working on my business. We’d have Skype on all day, for hours. And whenever I had a problem, I would pop on skype:

“Hey, dude. Let me ask you something.”

He’s like, “Yeah. What’s up?”

We just had Skype on. We were just talking. It was just like we’d have five to six hours calls all day and I wouldn’t necessarily say anything, but it would be like I had a co-worker in the cubicle next to me because I became friends with him in a forum.

I actually met him in person, later at a live event – something that I’m going to talk to you about.

Next, you need to actually portray an image that people are going to want associate themselves with. You have to provide value at every turn and BE GENUINE. You need to get out and meet people.

Getting out and meeting people. I can’t tell you how important of a role this has played in my business. You need to get to events, you need to go to marketing events, you need to shake hands, you need to break that digital divide and meet the person face-to-face that’s been commenting on your posts.

Internet marketing events are awesome because you actually get to build friendships with these people that are normally just avatars and normally just people on a chat box, right? You have to go out, you have to shake hands, you have to meet people. Get to the local ones. Get to the ones that you can get to now.

But, again, when it comes to establishing a PRESENCE, portraying an image that people want to associate with, be friendly and  be consistent. Some people see me ranting about some things on Facebook nowadays. Some people see me polarizing my audience. A lot of times it’s purposeful, but a lot of other times I’m just ranting stuff that’s on my mind.

Here’s the thing though, I’ve attained a certain level where I could do that without any major consequence in business.

Anyway, people don’t know how I did it, you know, they’re just trying to judge their first impression of you, and then all of sudden you start posting very divisive comments, maybe political or religious comments. DON’T.

I talk about politics all the time. Everybody knows where I stand with politics. Heaven knows where I stand with religion. I talk about it very openly. I have no problem with it. I’ve found that being genuine has served me very, very well.

I do not believe in political correctness. I don’t pretend to like people that I don’t like, but along the same lines I’m never a douche. I don’t insult people. I don’t hurt people’s feelings. I don’t go out there and try to be a dick.

I just choose to be around the people that are like me and that I like. I try to be genuine to everybody. And I’ve found that some people don’t like the person that I am. Some people have un-friended me because they didn’t like that I said something about God or that I said, “Happy Easter,” or whatever because I am a man of faith.

I don’t preach to people, but I am not embarrassed to say that I believe in God and, you know, some people don’t like that, so they didn’t follow me. So what? Good. I don’t care. You know what? At the same time, some people out there would give you bad advice and they’ll say, “Well, don’t say things like that. Don’t be genuine. Fake it ‘til you make it.”

Wrong! Don’t fake it. Be yourself. Be genuine, because you know what? For every single person that I push away, that doesn’t like me or that doesn’t want to be around me, I attract two more that do. So I’ve been able to assemble an awesome audience in my stadium of people that love me, that love to hear about the things that I’m passionate about.

Why? Because I didn’t pretend to be someone I wasn’t. So that means that whenever I’m around anybody, I can be just who I am, okay?

So get out. Meet people. Portray an image that people want to associate themselves with. But the most important advice that I can give you here is be freaking genuine. BE GENUINE, because I made this mistake in the beginning, okay?

When I started building my internet marketing business, I was the guy that put on a suit. I thought every time I recorded a video I should be wearing a suit and a tie. And I was talking like all “Salesy” like and stuff, because I had just finished my door-to-door Sales career. I even changed the tone of my voice, “Hey. What’s up, guys? Omar Martin here, and I just want to let you know we got a special . . .“

God, who wants to be around that guy? Nobody, because I wasn’t genuine; but right now I’m myself. You’ve seen me be myself throughout the course of this ebook. The people that were live on some of my presentations, or on some webinar, have heard me be myself too.

But, you know what? Maybe I stepped on some toes because I said the word “shit,” I said the word “ass,” but the rest of you, guys, and everybody, can sense the passion in me. And you can see, if you can see through the specific vocabulary that I have used, you can actually see the intention that I have to teach you, to help you, the experience that’s flowing through me as I’m pouring myself out to you, and that I’ve put together this training based on things that I have actually gone through in my life.

If you can’t see past the words that I used and the person that I am, to get the message that I’m portraying, you know what? I don’t want to have you around me. I recommend that you don’t subscribe to me or my products. And I don’t even want to hang out with you on some of my webinars.

I want to be genuine and I want to be around people that are genuine too. You could be totally unlike me and I’ll still love you just because you’re genuine, okay? So I’m not going to go all politically correct on you, but I just want to make sure that I impress upon you how important it is, because people can sense when you are being yourself and when you’re not.

And when people sense that you are not being yourself, they become apprehensive. That’s a bad position to be in when you’re trying to sell something.

Chapter 10

Food And Gas For Your Journey

Okay, so we’ve already talked about branding, we’ve talked about creating a plan, we’ve talked about your mindset. What you need next is to create cash injectors.

Now, creating a cash injector could be a product launch; it’s something that’s going to cause a spike in your income. And in order to be able to cause a spike in your income, this is what you’re working for the rest of the time, right? So as you’re building your business, as you’re doing all that stuff, you’re working on a cash injector.

You need to understand how the money is made. A lot of people launch into product creation without truly understanding how the money is made. They heard that, “Yeah. I need to create a product.” And yeah, they do.

And they heard that, “Well, these guys got a course on Product Creation,” and there are a lot of people that do. And then they figure, “Well, once I make my product about underwater basket weaving because I’m good at that, everybody’s going to buy it and I’m going to make all this money.”

They have no freaking clue of how the money is actually made. You need to understand that if you’re going to be able to create these injections of cash in your life. You have got to understand that you’re not going to get rich selling nine-dollar eBooks at fifty percent commission on the Warrior forum.

That is not going to happen. There are a lot of people that have become very, very rich that have started out at the Warrior forum. But they learned how the money is really made.

It’s about the backend. It’s about funnels. It’s about strategy. It’s not about selling a whole bunch of front-end units and trying to make a profit. This is a lesson that I learned back in the eBay days.

When I discovered internet marketing, it was on eBay. At that time, you could sell eBooks on eBay. There were digital downloads that were available. And at that time, I would go and buy these eBooks and I would buy these packs of like a thousand eBooks, and I would pay like a hundred dollars and I figured, “Well, all I got to do now is list these books on eBay and I could list them all individually.”

And it would freak me out because I would go and list my books at like three dollars, four dollars, six dollars, you know, trying to turn a profit and I figure, “Well, if I sell a hundred of these, you know, I got so many different listings.

I’ll be making good money.”

It was so wrong. The marketing was just all wrong. And I couldn’t understand why people were selling these books for a penny. There were people out there that were selling the same exact books as me for a penny. I’m like, “This is freaking crazy.” I wanted to kill them. I wanted to strangle them.

I just didn’t understand the process. I didn’t understand the strategy. I didn’t understand what a funnel was. I did not understand what a backend was. And that’s what you need to fully understand if you’re going to create cash injections in your business.

You need to find a common problem that your audience shares. You need to become an expert on it and then you need to solve that problem for them. Okay, I’m going to say that again, because a lot of people say, “Well, Omar, what niche should I get in? I’m really good at building model airplanes.”

Okay, awesome tip for you: Find a problem that your audience all shares; that a big group of people are having. If you find a problem that a big group of people are having, then that means that you’ve already got a big group of people. You’ve got an audience and now you identify the kind of problem that they have.

Go out on your lonesome. Do all the research that you possibly can about that problem. Come up with a solution. Create a product about it, and then come drop it in front of their face. Boom! Cash Injection.

Create an information product about everything that you just learned because you took the time to go and research because they are too lazy to do it, so you just go and do that and that’s what makes you an entrepreneur. That’s what puts you in the three percent instead of the ninety seven.

You identified a problem that your audience shares, you went and became an expert at it, you saw a problem and you solved it, and then you put the solution right in front of them. Better yet, in the process, you thought of three other things that they might buy. And now that they like you because you solved the problem for them, you tell them, “Well, buy this and buy that and buy the other thing.”

And guess what? Cash injection. Cash injection. Cash injection.

Don’t be like me thinking that you can sell all these eBooks on eBay and make more money than the guy doing a penny each.

CARRY A LOSS LEADER MENTALITY. – remember that the front end of every product, of every cash injection, the front end of every product launch is about making your affiliates profitable, not you.

Why do I write really, really good Sales copy? Why do I consult people that I know that are very good at writing Sales Copy? But why do I talk to people that are better at selling than me and ask for their advice about an angle for selling a product? Why do I do that? Because I want my affiliates to make as much money as humanly possible.

I want this thing to sell like crazy for them. I may even give them a hundred percent commission more often than not because I want them to make a bunch of money, because I understand that if I have the affiliates, that if I make the affiliates happy, more affiliates will come. And I understand that if I can make affiliates come, customers will follow – a lot of customers. And that is the key.

You’re creating front end products for customers to buy. And you’re kicking yourself in the ass wondering why I don’t have enough customers.

“Let me go try to find xyz. Let me go become good at driving traffic. Let me go and try bringing more customers here, one at a time. Let me learn SEO.”

You’re going about it all wrong because you don’t understand how the money is made. Affiliates are the lifeblood of your business.

Chapter 11

Continuity Overdrive

Now here is something that I wish I would’ve done a lot sooner than I did, but it’s important that you don’t do it too soon.

Create a recurring income product as soon as you possibly can but not necessarily first. It’s important that you get a few skills under your belt first. You understand a little bit of conversion, you have some affiliates on board, and some people that trust you and that you already have an audience when you start to create a recurring income product.

Launches create profitability, but they can also put you into that feast-or famine mode.

Now, while launches create profitability, continuity creates SECURITY. So it is very comforting when you wake up on the first of the month and your recurring billing is already hit.

You’ve automatically had forty-five thousand dollars deposited into your account,  because all of your continuity from your product that you sell that, you know, you’ve got a thousand members and they are paying you thirty-seven thousand dollars a month, that’s thirty-seven dollars — they’re paying thirty-seven dollars a month, and you’ve got a thousand members. That’s thirty-seven thousand dollars a month that you automatically bill, because you have a continuity product, maybe a membership site, maybe some — whatever.

Some sort of a continuity experience that you’re creating for those people and they’re willing to pay you thirty-seven dollars a month or twenty-seven dollars a month or whatever it is. Maybe you have two thousand people paying you ten dollars a month, maybe, you know, whatever.

The math is going to work for whatever particular product that you’re doing. But my point is I waited too long to start focusing on that; and that is what really, really ended up becoming the springboard to take me to the seven figures I am at now.

But until I figured out continuity, six figures continued to elude me. The continuity really was what spring boarded me into six figures. When I got my continuity going and I had a good grasp of how to create recurring billing, making six figures a year automatically became so easy.

And then I had to focus on things like webinars and coaching and other high-tech items and things like that to hit seven figures. But, one challenge at a time. You might just be pushing for five figures first and then eventually six figures, but the point that I’m making is that I wish that I would have focused on recurring income sooner, not right away because I’m glad that I had a lot of the skills and I had already built relationships with affiliates who promote for me when I did develop that continuity product because I was able to put twenty-five thousand dollars a month into our account.

For our first continuity product, we were able to put I think it was thirteen hundred people into a product that sold at thirty-nine dollars a month.

So, I mean if you are going to do the math, thirteen hundred times thirty-nine dollars a month, it was over fifty thousand dollars per month that we were billing, but half of that went to affiliates because I want to make them happy on a monthly basis too, right?

So I still got to keep twenty-five thousand a month. Waking up on the first of the month with twenty five thousand dollars already in your account kind of changes your outlook on things, okay? It kind of helps you free up some time and puts you in a totally different mindset. You start to make decisions based on power, based on the right thing to do, rather than based on fear, rather than making a decision on, “Man, I need to make three thousand dollars to pay the bills this month.”

So things kind of change in your business when you have recurring income. This is why it’s important that you start focusing on that in the cash injection phase.

Each launch should build upon the last. When you’re creating these cash injectors, one of the things that I see in people that I want you to watch out for is trying to build your injectors on PLR products. A lot of people would do this, especially the ones that they think that they’re going to become rich and that the “Be all, End all” solution to all their money problems was going to be with PLR products.

PLR products are a great way to make quick money. However, I just don’t see anybody out there that has made a million dollar business or even a six figure dollar business just reselling PLR, because it’s a pain in the ass.

And you know what? If you’re making money on the individual PLR Sales, I can understand if you run PLR libraries, but, you know, the thing is that you’ve got to make sure that every product that you build, that you create is going to build on the next one.

Because if you just launch a product today, you created a product, you created a solution for people that have XYZ problem, then you now have a list of buyers in the XYZ niche.

So the next product that you should create is some sort of spin-off that will sell to those same XYZ people.

So why would you start releasing a product today on mobile marketing, and then tomorrow on golfing, and then the day after that on freaking Christmas shopping, and then the day after that on nail biting? And you’ve got another . . . and so on and so on.

You’re in all these niches because this freaking, “Yeah, but Omar, I paid seventeen dollars for this PLR library access. Hahaha. So now I’ve got all these products.” Yeah, but you’re building like nine lists in nine totally different niches that you can’t market one to another.

What are you going to do? Are you going to use your nail biting product as an Upsell for your golf product, in case you have any freaking itchy golfers? What the hell? It’s just not good thinking. You still don’t understand how the money is made.

Each launch should build upon the last, and you’re establishing yourself as a person, as an authority in that niche. You are assembling a BUSINESS FUNNEL which really is the important thing here.

With every product that you make, you’re creating a portfolio and now you can use the last product as an Upsell to the current product. You could do a lot of different things that you can’t do if every single product that you’re launching is in a different niche.

Chapter 12


In conclusion, I want you to remember some things. I know I’ve been pretty harsh; I’ve been pretty straightforward. Maybe for a few of you, guys, I pissed you off and you’re never going to follow me again, but for one or two of you, this ebook right here, this compact training contained the information that is really going to make a difference in your life, and in your future.

Whether or not you become that guy that washes out or that guy that goes on to build a seven-figure business even bigger than mine, you might, because of this post, become a guy whose list I subscribe to, a guy that ends up mentoring me in the future and I really, really hope that that day comes.

But I want you to remember a few things.

Always know the difference between an affiliate and a customer, and you need to market to them respectively. In your business, understand that you’re going to make friendships and relationships of people that will eventually become your affiliates and of people that will eventually become your customers. You need to draw that line and know who is who.

Don’t treat your affiliate like your customer; and don’t treat your customer like your affiliate – just yet. It’s a good idea to try to turn your customers into affiliates and train them, but it’s very important that you have those distinctions, that you understand the difference between treating someone like a partner and treating someone like a customer.

So if you were working at a McDonald’s, how do you talk to the customer in comparison to how you talk to the co-worker? That relationship is something that you need to be able to establish right in the very beginning.

It’s a very big mistake that I made in the beginning. I used to talk to my affiliates as customers and they used to think I was a douchebag because of it.

Understand that you’ve chosen to do business in the most rapidly changing industry there is. You’re doing business in the most rapidly changing industry on the face of the planet. IT’S UP TO YOU TO ADAPT.

UpViral - 14 Day Trial

You. You’re the one that’s going to fall flat on your face, so don’t get upset when something doesn’t work for you. Don’t get upset when, “Oh my God. It doesn’t work. I didn’t know how to open this ZIP file.”

“Oh my God. This marketer sent me this file and I can’t open it up.”

It’s up to you to adapt. It’s up to you to learn. It’s up to you. The future’s in your hands, not in mine. It’s not up to me to convince your wife that internet marketing is worth the time and the investments. It’s up to you to convince your wife that you’re worth the time and the investment.

You got to adapt to the changes that are constantly happening in the industry and on the internet, okay? Keep up, don’t play the victim role.

I hate it when people go, “Oh my God. I’ve got information overload.” So, go on a low information diet, then.

“Oh, my God. I’ve got shiny object syndrome.”  Then stop buying stuff. “Oh, my God. But this marketer, he took my money and didn’t give me any of what he sold me.” Well, find a lesson in that. Learn from it. Find a lesson in every single experience – both good and bad.

In your endeavor, “Be yourself, unless you’re normally a douche. Don’t be a douche.”

I hope you enjoyed this training.

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Chapter 13


Feel free to print and use this check-list as your guide as you are applying this training.

__ Get your head right – you have a business not a hobby

__ Recognize that you are not a victim – you are a participant

__ Make the necessary choices to achieve your vision

__ Develop the discipline that will cause you to be successful __ Decide that you will invest time and money into your business __ Think like a marketER and not like the marketED.

__ Study what other marketers send you instead of buying in to everything.

__ Prepare a conducive work environment

__ Create a work schedule for yourself

__ Teach others to respect your work space and schedule

__ Remove negativity and become a sponge to success

__ Read inspiring stories of others who have achieved what you want to achieve

__ Formulate your Plan

__ You should develop your vision, mission and value statements

__ Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.

__ Develop a Cash flow work schedule

__ Develop a Work schedule – customer service, research, your development team

__ Build your Budget

__ Determine Tools needed – physical, educational, digital

__ Establish your tracking system

__ Know and provide for your Cash flow needs

__ Promote Affiliate products

__ Use Face Book advertising

__ Be a social media butterfly

__ Expect success but anticipate failure

__ Provide Value and Be Genuine

__ Establish your Presence.

__ Build your Brand

__ Get out and meet people

__ Create cash injectors

__ Have a loss-leader mentality

__ Create recurring income products

__ Assemble a Business Funnel

__ Develop relationships

__ Don’t be a douche

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