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The types of CTAs you create depend on many factors. But there are some tried and true tips that work for any niche to create better calls to action regardless of where it’s placed and what the type of content is.

Should You Use Text or Buttons?

9 Types of CTAs - How to Implement calls to action

When you are designing your CTAs, you should ask yourself whether you’re planning to use text or a button. The reason is that the words you use and how you set up a CTA with a button is different. You need to consider how it looks on a mobile device and how it stands out on your website.

In general, on your website, it’s going to be better to use a button because they look better and are easier to identify than a text link. But on your website, it might be best to use a combination of contextual linking and button linking. In an email, most of the time text links work better, but it does depend on your audience.

Placement of your CTA

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When you need to place a CTA within any type of content, you’ll need to consider placement. Multiple places are always best; and in truth, it’s a guess when you first start before you have any data. You can assume “above the fold,” meaning before anyone scrolls, someplace in the middle, and then again at the end work well. Plus, if you have the right text, you’ll want more contextual links as well.

While in most cases you want to limit the number of different CTAs so that you don’t confuse your audience about what you want them to do next, you still want to place that CTA in multiple places so that your audience doesn’t miss it. People tend to look at websites in a pattern, so it would also be a good thing to use heat map technology to help you with placement.

Use the Right Words

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Words are very important when it comes to creating effective CTAs. Each audience is different, but, in general, using action words will help your CTAs convert at a higher rate. Additionally, use descriptive words so that they know what to do, why they’re doing it, and what they’re going to get out of it if they do. If you can lessen their feelings of risk in the meantime, that’s going to help too.

Grab Their Attention

Call-to-Action buttons – All you need to know about high conversion CTAs

One way to grab your audience’s attention is to avoid creating a cluttered website or cluttered content. Differentiate your calls to action with directional arrows, images, and the right words that grab their attention differently from the rest of the information that you’re sharing with them. Make them know that this is something to pay close attention to by your use of color, fonts, and language.

Make the CTA Relevant

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It’s very important that your CTA is relevant to the other content you’re sharing with your viewers and audience. If you find that you’re getting a lot of, click-throughs to a sales page or freebie but people aren’t really downloading or buying it, make sure the CTA is relevant to the actual offer. Double down on ensuring that each thing you do is crystal clear so that your CTAs not only get clicked but are followed through.

The type of information that you need to ensure that you write better calls to action is who your audience is, what your purpose is, and what’s in it for them. If you can get that all together in a visually pleasing way that is understandable to your audience, then your CTAs will convert better.

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