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Learn How To Do Profitable Email Marketing 

Marketing. no, no, email marketing is not dead. don’t believe that. email marketing works,
it works well, we do it every day I make money every day off emails guys. now, it
is true that your emails may not work as good as they did ten years ago or five
years ago but they work and the majority of our income comes off emails and I
think most businesses that do it correctly there’s the key do it
correctly get good results in this video I’m going to show you how to build an
email list how to make money off your email list and we’re starting right now
hey I’m J.R. Fisher welcome to my channel I appreciate you being here
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hard to do you just need to learn some basics you’re going to get them all in
this video let’s get going ok so what is email marketing email marketing is
basically sending emails out to a list that you have and I don’t recommend
using somebody else’s list unless maybe you’re buying into their list but don’t
buy emails just just don’t do that build your own email list it’s gonna be a lot
more profitable lot less work and you’ll get better results out of it but
basically what you’re doing is you’re sending your offer out to businesses to
individuals to actually generate money now if you don’t think emails work it’s
been proven that 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use email on a regular
basis so it still works don’t believe the hype that it doesn’t work anymore
now emails are not only a way to sell people stuff but it’s also a great way
to build a relationship and build loyalty between your customers and your
business or yourself number one you got to build a targeted list it’s got to be
a targeted list you don’t want a random list you don’t want a list of people who
you know interested in exotic beers and people who like to decorate their house
you know those Meiko together I don’t know but I would
certainly keep them separate for my email marketing purposes you want to
make sure they are categorized we have several categories in our email list and
you know I learn a survival food company I have a company that teaches people how
to make money online and we keep those things separate okay so you’ve got to
keep them separate now the best way to build your list is if you have a website
and I know some of you do some of you don’t but if you do is to convert those
visitors into actual subscribers did you know that when people visit a website on
average 80% of them will visit a website and leave and never come back to that
website and never subscribe or ever buy anything from you again and that’s
exactly why I recommend eggs that pops okay exit pops are great you can do them
through Kartra I love Kartra that’s what I use if you don’t know what Kartra is
go down in the description there’s a description down there it says Kartra
you can click on it and when you do you’re gonna go to a page you don’t an
opt-in you’d have to buy anything and there’s a video that shows you how it
works and if you’re interested and you use that link you can actually get a
trial for only one dollar now here’s a cool exit pop I’m putting on the screen
right here exit intent pop-ups direct user behavior to prompt them with a
targeted campaign at a precise moment they’re about to leave your site forever
the smart technology can skyrocket your conversion so you see this one here is
when I get you some recipes products events and coupons sign up now exit pops
can really help you build your list as long as you giving them good content
don’t do an exit pop that says join our email list nobody wants to join your
email list okay there was a time when we all enjoyed getting emails cuz we never
got him but we get we get sufficient emails now okay we don’t need to join
your email list we need to get a benefit of joining your email so make sure
there’s a benefit there now the next thing I’ll tell you number two is know
your goals what are your goals what’s your purpose so when you’re sending out
these email campaigns they should all have a different purpose they should not
have multiple purposes within one ok these should be separate so one of your
email campaigns should be a welcoming campaign to welcome new subscribers this
should be emails that just go out and say hey thanks for joining our list this
is what you can expect I’m going to give you
you know three days a week and then every now and then I’m going to tell you
about our specials and then we’ll announce any webinars we have just give
them a list of what to expect the biggest problem I see is that you know
people will send out an email says thanks for joining our email list okay
but what’s gonna happen from here I want to know I want to know what it is now if
you’re sending one out that says we’re gonna give me content and every now and
then we’re gonna tell you about a special that way they know to expect a
marketing email it’s gonna be coming later on and those people who don’t want
marketing emails can just go ahead and unsubscribe and you don’t have a problem
with spam or any of that because it gives them an opportunity to do so once
they find out what they’re gonna get from your list the next type of email
will be to boost engagement okay this is where you want to get people engaged
with your company it may be content it may be you know telling them that you’re
gonna have a webinar you’re gonna have a training course and they could sign up
for it so you’re getting them more involved with your actual company the
next form of emails is a nurturing email and what that means is I’m gonna give
them content I’m gonna give them helpful hints I’m gonna give them downloads I’m
just gonna give them information that’s gonna make them feel better about me and
my business and that way we’re going to kind of nurture them make them feel good
while they’re on the list the next type of email campaign is a reengagement
campaign now a reengagement campaign is gonna be directed to people who haven’t
opened your emails in a while who haven’t clicked on anything in a while
to try to get them reengaged you know you can say something like hey you
haven’t opened our emails in a while you haven’t looked at our stuff in a while
and I want to give you this you know $99 value you know widget for zero you know
if you just click here and re-engage with our company so that helps a lot and
then if they don’t of course you want to take them off your list because all
they’re doing is bogging down your list you don’t want people on there that
aren’t engaged the next form of email campaign is segmenting okay so I may
want to segment my list maybe I’m selling pet products and I sell all
types of pet products for dogs and cats and birds and all that and what I may do
is I may send an email out that says do you have a dog do you have a cat you
have a you know bird whatever it is and when they click there which one they
have I can take them to a page with products for that but I can also tag
them as a bird owner as a cat owner as a dog owner and later on when I go to some
campaign out if I’m selling bird cages and I went to sell a lot of bird cages
I’m not gonna send it to people who have dogs who don’t have birds there’s no
point in doing that it’s a waste of emails but a person could have a dog in
a bird if they have both those tags they’re gonna get both of those emails
okay the next thing which is number three is understand the email types this
is super important to do this one of the forms is promotional emails obviously a
promotional email is I’m promoting something I want to sell something so
that’s a different form of email from all the other ones I’ve just talked
about there’s also transactional emails that
you’re going to want to send out that could be subscriber signup forms it
could be welcome messages it could be order or purchase confirmations once
they’ve actually bought something from you
it could be acknowledgments of subscriber information once they’ve
changed information now these types of emails are generally going to be
automated and they’re gonna be triggered by some dynamic behavior that the
customer did to trigger this particular email number four I want to tell you
know your audience this is super important that you know your audience
you know what’s going on with them you know who they are now Facebook Insights
you know if you’ve got a Facebook page or a group or something like that
you can actually use insights here and it will tell you you can see from this
graphic on the screen it’s gonna kind of tell you who your audience is which
helps you target more people to get in your audience and get on your list the
number five use technology wisely nowadays it’s so much easier I know when
I started out I started out with Constant Contact and I had a weber and I
had Infusionsoft and MailChimp and all these different mail services but the
best one now by far and I’m gonna put a link below don’t worry you’re gonna find
out about it is Kartra, Kartra is the best because it incorporates so many
of these other platforms all into one I got rid of eight pieces of software when
I got Kartra.


Kartra is amazing so if you’re really working on building
your business you want a long-term source to do this in platform you want
to go down in the description now there’s a link for Kartra it’s gonna
take you to a video absolutely free you don’t have to opt-in you have to give a
credit card or anything and it will tell you all about Kartra and what Kartra
will do for your business if you’re interested you can also get a trial for
only one dollar one dollar pretty cheap and you can start off with Kartra
and start building your list number six is create great opt-ins okay we need
people to opt-in to our list we need that on a daily basis we are not getting
opt-ins you know after a while you’re always gonna have one subscriber since
it’s gonna happen email that’s gonna go bad people are gonna stop using that
email they’re gonna change their email so you gotta constantly be building your
list and you need great opt-ins now you can buy opt-in software but if you have
Kartra it’s already built into it I just told you about Kartra and they
have they have opt-ins that already are proven to work and all you have to do is
fill your information into these opt-ins and boom you can start collecting emails
there’s all types of opt-ins there’s light boxes there’s eggs and intent
pop-ups and exit intent is nothing more than when somebody moves their mouse you
know to the edge of the screen all of a sudden a pop-up will come up and say
wait don’t leave yet give my $29 report by clicking here usually you’ve all seen
them those are great and they are built into
Kartra and you get those with that software
yeah for best results if you have a blog you may want to put some options off to
the side you may also want to have pop-ups if they’re exiting
you may want to have pop-ups within your actual blog where they can click and a
pop-up will come up and they can get that information so it you don’t have
just one okay you have different pages you have different places different
types depending on what they’re reading maybe they’re reading about SEO on your
site well you may want to pop up on that particular page that teaches a SEO the
five rules to SEO or something along those lines
make sure it’s related to the page they’re on number seven you want to play
in your emails and follow-ups okay this should not be done haphazardly this
should be an automation and you can once again build all this in Kartra a good
approach to note is you want to think about the email frequency how often
you’re gonna do it now I like to send an email almost every day you also want to
think about the types of emails cuz we talked about all those you want to have
a rough idea of what that content is gonna be and of course the main action
you know do you want to get subscribers you want to get sales whatever it is if
you put those components down when you’re writing your emails you gonna be
a lot more successful I’ll give an example here asana which is a project
management type of software that you use online
they send out four emails okay they’ll still welcome you to asana when you sign
up they’ll tell you what you want to set up for let’s say met next week okay I
want to do X number of things next week you could put those in your system and
then we’ll have a plan your day with asana they send out a series of emails
for that and then they talk about the actual goal of what your project is so
they break it down in those four components and it seems to work pretty
well for them number eight craft your subject line
your subject line is so important your subject line should not should not tell
them everything that’s an email if your subject line is get 20% off on men’s
sweaters today and it’s a woman reading it or it’s a fourteen-year-old boy I
guarantee you they’re not gonna open your email because they already know
what’s in there you know I like to put a little bit ambiguous type of subject
lines to get them to open the particular email a subject line is for nothing more
than to get them to open it I’ve use subject lines like boom this just
happened or I can’t believe this just happened or did you see this in the news
shorter subject lines will get higher open rates than long ones that describe
everything is in the email because I don’t need to open the email if you put
everything in the subject line now here’s an interesting graph I’m going to
put up here and it shows you the message with this subject line length and how
likely they are to open it and what the read rate is and you can see it’s pretty
high on the beginning there where you have
zero to ten words and 11 to 20 words and it’s also pretty high when you have a
whole bunch of words but right in the middle there not so high so I would
suggest you doing shorter ones or much longer ones next thing you’re gonna do
number 9 is write your copy make sure your copy is clear and concise make sure
you only have two or three sentences per paragraph make sure the font is big
enough I like to use a 20 if you use those rules or emails gonna get read a
whole lot better and number 10 you want to focus on your email design okay make
sure it’s a clear clean crisp design don’t have tons of images in there don’t
have a whole lot of different things for them to do have one thing for them to do
in that particular email whether it’s download something whether it’s buy
something whether it’s opt-in for a webinar with just one thing per email
and then the last thing number 11 test and
tract you can’t send out emails and never look to see if anybody’s open them
see if anybody’s clicking that’s the whole purpose now it’s a good idea to
split test where you have two different headlines or two different images two
different messages if you do that you’ll be ahead of everybody else because most
people don’t check their analytics now get Kartra which is down below here
and it’ll do all that for you automatically it will send half of one
type of email out to your group and then half of another type it does it
automatically it gives you all the statistics and then you can decide based
on the numbers which one you want to keep okay guys so that’s it for your
email course here today I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to comment below
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tried maybe some email providers you tried I love Kartra give me a reason not
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